Open university in brief

Open university studies are courses from the University of Helsinki’s degree programmes which are available for all. Many of the courses are offered online. Courses begin throughout the year. Welcome!
What is open university?
  • Open university provides courses from University of Helsinki's many different fields.

  • You can study only one course as well as a larger study module. 

  • Courses in Swedish and English are available, even though most courses are offered in Finnish. 

  • Completed courses will be entered into the University of Helsinki’s student records. 

  • Please note that you can not complete a university degree at the open university. However, it is possible to include the completed courses in the university degree, if you get the right to study a bachelor's or master's degree later.

  • Studies completed at the open university can be used as a basis for applying to degree programmes at most University of Helsinki faculties. More information: Open University route

  • Open university students may be eligible for the adult education allowance from the Employment Fund, if they fulfill the relevant criteria. 

Instructions for students
  • What are online courses like?
  • How do I activate my University of Helsinki user account?
  • Where do I find the link to my course's Moodle learning environment?

Find the answers to these and other questions in the University of Helsinki's Instructions for students.

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