The University of Helsinki in numbers
More than 31,000 people study and nearly 10,000 people work at the University. Through the power of science, the University has contributed to society, education and welfare since 1640.
Bet­ter than 99.5%

The University of Helsinki is the only Finnish university to consistently rank in the top 100 of international university rankings. There are approximately 18 000 universities in the world.

In 2020, the University of Helsinki placed 74th in the Shanghai Ranking, 86th in the US News ranking, 93rd in the Taiwan (NTU) ranking, 98th in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking and 104th in the QS World University Ranking.

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11 faculties

The University of Helsinki has 11 faculties, and it provides teaching on four campuses in Helsinki: the City Centre, Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki. In addition, the University has research stations in e.g. Hyytiälä, Värriö, Kilpisjärvi and Kenya.

Faculties and units

31,600 degree students

In 2020, a total of 31,600 degree students were enrolled at the University of Helsinki. The number of international students was 1,941 (6%).

First Cycle or Bachelor's degree: 16,090 students, of whom women 63% and men 37%.

Second Cycle or Master's degree: 10,673 students, of whom women 67% men 33%.

Licentiate's degree: 117 students, of whom women 68% and men 32%.

Doctoral degree: 4,548 students, of whom women 60% and men 40%.

Other degrees: 136 students, of whom women 92% and men 8%.

8,120 employees

The University of Helsinki employs 8,120 people. Of them, 58% represent teaching and research staff. Of teaching and research staff 52% are women.

In 2020 the total staff FTE (full-time equivalent) was 7,388. Teaching and research staff FTE was 4,194.

University of Helsinki's employee's average age is 42 years and the average age of retirement is 65.9.

Teaching and Research Staff

Altogether 4,717 persons (4,194 person years) in 2020.

621 professors, research directors and senior curators (level 4)
1,482 university lecturers, clinical teachers, university researchers, senior researchers, research co-ordinators, curators, assistant professors (tenure track) (level 3)
1,116 post-doctoral researchers, university instructor (level 2)
1,330 doctoral students, specialising physician/dentist/veterinarian (level 1)
168 other teaching and research staff

Specialist and support staff

Altogether 3,248 persons (FTE 3,053) in 2020.

297 IT staff
270 library staff
31 technical staff
1,185 administrative staff
1,288  teaching and research support staff
177 others

155 Teaching school's teachers

8,934 degrees

In 2020, a total of 8,934 degrees were completed at the University of Helsinki. Women completed 67% of these degrees.

First Cycle or Bachelor’s degree: 4,112 degrees, of which 68% completed by women and 32% by men.

Second Cycle or Master’s degree: 4,168 degrees, of which 68% completed by women and 32% by men.

Licentiate degree: 34 degrees, of which 74% completed by women and 26% by men.

Doctoral degree: 604 degrees, of which 61% completed by women and 39% by men.

Other degrees: 16 degrees, of which 87.5% completed by women and 12.5% by men.

Continuous learning

49,407 students completed Open University courses, of whom 37,241 (75.4%) were non-degree students.  

6,845 adult students took part in continuing education.  

303 students advanced their skills in professional specialisation education.



1,228 Open University courses, including  

  • 875 open bachelor’s programme courses  
  • 44 open master’s programme courses  
  • 11 courses introducing university studies  
  • 83 open online courses, or MOOCs

166 continuing education options provided by Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ to businesses, organisations and individual students.

10 professional specialisation education options as well as several opportunities in postgraduate professional education and continuing education provided by faculties and units. 

10 700 publications per year

In 2019, University of Helsinki researchers produced 10,700 publications. Of peer-reviewed academic publications half are produced as international cooperation.

Publications (number and % of all)

7,618 Peer reviewed scientific articles (71% of publications)
960  Non-refereed scientific articles (9% of publications)
234 Scientific books (monographs, edited works) (2% of publications)
1,260 Publications intended for professional communities (12% of publications)
633 Publications intended for the general public (6% of publications)

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Financing of the University of Helsinki during year 2019 (million euros, (%))

  • Core funding by state                                         386 (56%)
  • External funding                                                  284 (41%)
  • Investment and fund raising (own income)    18   (3%)
  • Total earnings                                                    688 (100%)

The Uni­versity’s key fin­an­cial fig­ures

Fin­an­cial state­ments of the university

International community

The University of Helsinki is the only Finnish university to be a member of the League of European Research Universities, or LERU, an association of 23 leading European universities promoting the conditions and opportunities for basic research in Europe. During 2019 the University of Helsinki made a significant strategic decision by joining the UNA Europa alliance, which brings together the oldest top universities in Europe.

Of the University of Helsinki’s teachers and researchers, 26% are from outside Finland. The University had 1,970 international degree students in 2019.

575 students embarked on a student exchange in 2019. The University of Helsinki received 1,245 incoming exchange students.

Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence

Of the centres of excellence selected by the Academy of Finland seven are coordinated by the University of Helsinki.  In addition the University of Helsinki is a partner in two centres of excellence coordinated elsewhere. University of Helsinki has 10 (40 %) Academy Professors.

Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence at the University of Helsinki

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