DigiHUB is a co-operation space and knowledge community at the University of Helsinki that promotes customer-oriented and open development of digital services in a central location in Helsinki. DigiHUB is a place where university staff and students make the digital vision of the University of Helsinki a reality.

DigiHUB in brief

DigiHUB develops the university's digital services and solutions together by experimenting with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of development.

The objectives of customer-oriented, cost-effective, high-quality and unified operations are the foundations for DigiHUB. Customers and users are at the heart of the development of services, and the services are developed together with and for the customers. Community action can ensure that the right things are done at the right time without overlaps. In DigiHUB, you can share best practices, learn from each other and collaborate seamlessly. A unified operating environment also provides an opportunity for joint guidance for joint actions, making it possible to provide a clear overall picture for as many people as possible.

Important tools include mentoring, coaching, sharing expertise, and learning together. DigiHUB brings together the university’s Lean work and digital roadmap using agile methods to implement digital roadmap projects.


DigiHUB is a community-based development of digital services throughout the University of Helsinki.

The teams working in DigiHUB represent various actors at the university. The new agile way of working has been boldly introduced, especially in the field of the university's shared services, and it can be adapted to suit your own work. DigiHUB's facilities are also used together with the teaching and research community.

Working method

DigiHUB promotes an open and communal operating culture visible in the University of Helsinki's strategy, implemented in DigiHUB through flexible digital channels and communal operating methods. DigiHUB operates according to the Lean way of working, where the focus is on working together, systematically experimenting with new things and transparency. As a result of successful Lean work, the implementing personnel and service users are involved in the development of operations and services. Consequently, operations become more efficient and the results of the service are seen more quickly.



DigiHUB has had premises in the Porthania building of the University of Helsinki. There are workspaces on two floors that have been developed communally according to the users’ needs and wishes. In addition to the collaboration and group work spaces, there is an open common space and lounge on both floors. The working environment is shaped to and by its users.

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