Archive and Registration Services

The University’s Archives and Registry, Arkki, is responsible for registering the University’s incoming and outgoing documents. It also serves as the permanent archive for the University’s documents and historical resources and provides information services related to the above documents.

From 6 May onwards, our new address will be Porthania, PO Box 4 (Yliopistonkatu 3, 3rd floor).

Opening Hours:                       Mon-Fri 10-14 (or by appointment)

Street address:                         Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 3rd floor

Postal address:                         Archives and Registry, PO Box 4, 00014 University of Helsinki

Contact us:                      

Customer service phone numbers:   02941 22222 (Registry)

                                                                 02941 22390 (Archives)


  • We provide information services relating to documents stored in the Archives and the University’s records management system.
  • To ensure smooth service delivery, please send information requests via email to or call 02941 22390. Contact preferred by email.
  • When requesting information on confidential documents which can only be disclosed under certain conditions, the person making the request must announce his or her name and explain how he or she intends to use the information.
  • Requests concerning public documents need not be justified.
  • In the case of extensive requests, the details of the delivery must be agreed in advance.
  • To submit an information request, complete and print the user commitment form and send it to us.
  • Our resources can be read in our client facilities, not checked out.
  • Official copies of degree diplomas can be requested from us. The delivery time is two weekdays. (NB! When collecting a diploma, please be prepared to provide proof of your identity and to complete a user commitment form.)
  • If you need an English- or Swedish-language translation of a Finnish-language diploma (or an English- or Finnish-language translation of a Swedish-language diploma), you must have the diploma translated yourself.
  • The Registry receives and registers documents arriving at the University.
  • In accordance with the right-of-access principle, the documents can be read in the Registry facilities. (Please arrange a visit with the staff in advance.)
  • You can deliver documents to the Registry:
    • Via email (
    • In person
    • By authorising another person to act on your behalf
    • By mail (NB! The sender is always responsible for documents sent by mail.)
  • Please take deadlines into account. (Documents must be sent to the Registry so as to be available for use in the information system or the device for electronic receipt within the deadline.)
  • Electronic documents are not considered to have arrived if their sender cannot be established or the content cannot be opened. (Use a common file format, e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or PDF.)
  • Information requests related to applications for open positions should be sent to
  • Request for rectification to the Academic Appeals Board, see Legal protection of students

  • Privacy statements

The Arkki1640 system contains catalogue information on the archived material in the University of Helsinki Central Archives. The Arkki1640 system also includes digitised documents, including the University of Helsinki annual reports from 1875 to 1994 and printed student catalogues from 1828 to 1916. The database is continuously supplemented and updated.

You can browse for information either through the search form (Search) or the tree view (Browse).

For instructions on the use of the system, press the User guide button.

Submit feedback on the system by email to the address

You can enter the Arkki1640 system here

The oldest archival resources date back to the establishment of the Academy of Turku in 1640. Key archival resources include documents and other material relating to the University’s administration, administrative bodies and units. In addition to official administrative documents, the archive material includes documents and resources related to research and teaching as well as private archives and the archives of organisations associated with the University.

In particular, the majority of the older documents are administrative and financial in nature. As is typical of an official archive, the documents include records, registers, lists, minutes, copies and drafts of letters, arrived letters and applications, correspondence and financial documents.

The Official Government Directory includes basic information on approximately 40,000 public authorities and government employees, and provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of public administration. The book also presents the diplomatic corps and the official bodies of the European Union. In addition, it includes an extensive list of academic degrees and titles as well as Finnish and international medals and decorations. Find out more about the Official Government Directory online.

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