The University’s key financial figures

In 2017, the University of Helsinki’s total income amounted to €704 million, of which €403 million was governmental core funding. Its total expenditure was €680 million. Staff expenses represented 59% of this, and facility rents 13%.

The deficit from the University's operations was €4 million. The University also showed an operating deficit in 2016. These deficits are caused by the abrupt cuts to governmental funding. 

Dividends and sales of securities brought €28 million in revenue, which has brought the University’s annual result to show a surplus of €24 million. The exceptionally high revenue from securities consists of sales revenue and expenses which relate to changes made to the composition of the securities portfolio. The resulting funds were reinvested in the market.



Development of core funding granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture 2010-2020, million € (incl. pharmacy compensation for 2010-2015)​

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In 2017 the University's operations showed a deficit of €4 million.

Net income from investments amounted to €26.2 million and income from funds to €2.1 million. In 2017 the University’s overall result showed a surplus of €24.3 million, which represents 3.6% of its overall expenditure.

Components of surplus 2010–2017, €m​

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Surplus for the University’s own operations as percentage of total expenses (€1,000)

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In 2017 the University of Helsinki’s total income amounted to €704 million. The University’s total income consisted of core funding, external funding and the University’s own revenue from investments, proceeds from University of Helsinki Funds and fundraising.

Sources of total earnings (%), 2017​

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The University’s total expenses were €680 million (decrease of 1.1%) in 2017. The largest expense items were staff expenses at €402 million and rents at €91 million. Staff expenses decreased by €9 million.

Total expenditure 2017, %

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In 2017 the University’s income from external funding amounted to €258 million, which accounts for 37% of its total income. For the most part, external funding is competitive research funding (€194 million, 75%), and the rest is other external funding (€64 million, 25%). The amount of research funding grew by €6 million from 2016.

External funding 2017​, %

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External research funding comes from the Academy of Finland, the European Union, businesses, foundations, as well as from local authorities and other sources.

In 2017, of the total sum of €194 million in external research funding, €162 million came from Finland and €32 million from abroad. The share of international research funding was 17%.

The amount of research funding granted by the Academy of Finland increased by €4 million.

Sources of external research funding 2017, %

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The share of core and external funding varies from unit to unit. On the Meilahti campus, the share of external funding was 54%, on the Kumpula Campus 53%, on the Viikki Campus 47% and on the City Campus 30%, representing the lowest ratio to the total income.

Funding for faculties, 2017

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Funding for independent institutes, 2017