University finances

One of the indicators used to measure the performance of Finnish universities is the number of degrees and publications. These figures are used to determine the amount of government funding allocated to each university. In addition to core funding, the University of Helsinki acquires external funding from a range of sources. With the funding it receives and acquires, the University carries out its core duties of research, teaching and public engagement.
Long-term and predictable funding provides stability
  • Our share of the funding awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture to Finnish universities is 25%.
  • 60% of operations are funded with core funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • More than €240 million in competitive research funding each year, of which the share of international funding is 18%.
  • The University’s investment assets have generated a return of 11% per year on average (2019–2022).
  • The return on donations is used to fund more than 100 endowed professorships.
Far-reaching financial and societal impact

Below are some examples of what we are doing with our funding.

Our diverse and high-quality educational offerings reach more than 80,000 people
  • Each year, we have roughly 31,000 degree students as well as some 54,000 students completing open university courses, continuing education and studies that supplement degrees.
  • Of our master’s and doctoral graduates, approximately 96% find employment and 86% are satisfied with their degrees in terms of their careers.

In Finland, we train, among others, the following:

  • 21% of early childhood education and class teachers
  • 21% of doctors and dentists
  • 47% of legal experts
  • 48% of bachelor’s and master’s degree holders in pharmacy
  • 100% of veterinarians
International top-level research
  • Our researchers produce more than 12,000 publications every year, of which approximately 72% are refereed and 42% the result of international cooperation.
  • Citation impact exceeds global average in the case of 82% of publications.
  • We coordinate 11 of the 23 Centres of Excellence of the Research Council of Finland.
  • We are participating in four of the 10 Research Council of Finland Flagships.
  • More than 30% of the funding awarded by the Academy of Finland goes to the University of Helsinki.
  • Roughly 50% of the EU project funding awarded to Finland by the European Research Council has been awarded to the University of Helsinki.
  • We have eight research stations and farms from Kilpisjärvi to Kenya.
  • 18 of our researchers are on the list of most cited researchers, while 39% of the university researchers listed in Finland are from the University of Helsinki.
A societal educator and driver of sustainable growth

Our researchers support law drafting and actively contribute to public discussion. The University of Helsinki receives roughly 23,000 international and 13,000 domestic media hits per year.

We invest in the commercialisation of research.

  • Every year, more than 100 invention disclosures are submitted at the University.
  • In total, we have roughly 50 patent families.
  • More than 25 research-based startups have been established at the University of Helsinki. This amounts to more than €400 million in value generated and more than 220 jobs created.
  • HUS Helsinki University Hospital produces one to two research-based clinical innovations every week. In 10 years, a total of more than 700 clinical innovations have been made.
  • The value of our business collaboration is close to €20 million (2022).

Special duties of the University of Helsinki

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