ReNEW builds intra-EU migration research network between the Nordics and Central and Eastern Europe

Postdoctoral researcher Jonas Felbo-Kolding visited the Centre of Migration Research at University of Warsaw in Poland to discuss labour market integration

ReNEW postdoctoral researcher Jonas Felbo-Kolding from Copenhagen Business School just returned from an intensive research visit to Centre of Migration Research at University of Warsaw in Poland. Jonas specializes in labour market integration and industrial relations, and he is currently working as a ReNEW post-doctoral researcher. The purpose of the visit  was to discuss his research with colleagues at the Centre and build research networks on intra-EU migration between the Nordic countries and Central and Eastern Europe. 

In his research project “Hierarchies of labour market integration across and within the EU”, Jonas investigates the different forms of labour market integration among Central and Eastern European immigrants in the Nordic countries. During his visit to Warsaw he was able to engage with relevant academics and learn about projects at the Centre of Migration Research and presented his own work at a university research seminar. He was also given the valuable opportunity to discuss his work with prominent Polish economists and the Danish ambassador. Jonas found the visit very rewarding, both in terms of the specific comments that he received about his work, but not least because of the research networks built and strengthened and the opportunity to engage with local policy advisors.