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Upcoming events

Workshop: Using Genetics to Understand Social Structures: Genetic Influences across Time, Groups, and Societies

29 February-1 March 2024, University of Oslo

This workshop tries to bring together social scientists from the Nordic countries and elsewhere, to provide insight into whether the impact of genes on broader socio-economic and social-demographic outcomes depends on the social environments we are part of, such as socio-economic groups, schools, neighbourhoods, time periods or even countries. The core organizing team consists of Arno Van Hootegem, Torkild Hovde Lyngstad, Ruth Eva Jørgensen, Karri Silventoinen and Gaia Ghirardi.

The workshop is funded by NordForsk through the ReNEW research hub, UiO:Life Science through the AHeadForLife project and the European Research Council through the OPENFLUX project.

Contact: Arno Van Hootegem,


Workshop: Writing Tourism With

30 November-2 December, 2023, Silkeborg, Denmark

The workshop aims at developing the proposal for a book anthology of high-quality research, on the themes of relational ontologies and epistemologies and experimental academic writing in tourism studies. Contact: Ana María Munar,

Workshop: Visions of Queer Pasts and Futures

Autumn 2023, Reykjavik

The workshop will be held in conjuncture with an international conference with the same name: Visions of Queer Pasts and Futures, that is planned for fall 2023. Both events have an emphasis on the past, the future and the links that connect them. We will discuss LGBTQI+ history as well as present/future topics but with an emphasis on a dialogue between our knowledge of the past and our visions of the future guided by a need to respond to the recent backlash. Contact: Elín Björk Jóhannsdóttir,

Past events

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