Mobility and workshop funding to enhance cooperation and develop new research about the Nordic region

ReNEW has enabled a considerable number of workshops and mobility stays during its first year, and this will continue during 2019. Research stays and workshops are crucial forms of creating meeting places for bringing together researchers, pooling resources and facilitating new international research partnerships.

ReNEW mobility scheme is intended to intensify research collaboration and exchange of scholars. The grants are available for research stays in the participating universities, in ReNEW’s strategic international partners, and where relevant, in other universities or departments that are engaged in research relevant to ReNEW. So far in total 27 persons have been granted mobility stays.

ReNEW workshops funding is aimed at developing cooperation around central research themes, to fund smaller start-up projects as well as contribute to public outreach activities and the development of conference subthemes. Joint workshop activities within ReNEW is a way to develop and circulate innovative research ideas and establish cooperation across research environments and institutions. A total of 24 workshops all involving cooperation between ReNEW partner universities have been granted funding. Eight workshops were arranged during 2018 with the rest being held in 2019.  A list of ReNEW events is found on this website.

The funding has been allocated following competitive calls, taking into consideration ReNEW strategic criteria. So far there have been two calls for workshop funding, in May and October 2018.

More information on mobility and workshop funding and upcoming calls: ReNEW mobility and workshop funding