Senior staff members
Senior researchers and technical personnel

Contact information

Tommy Ahlgren

University lecturer (Doc.)

Office:  Accelerator laboratory 110

Phone: +358 29 4150648,  +358 50 3112599


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Frederic Granberg

Postdoctoral Researcher (PhD)

I'm a Postdoctoral researcher at the Accelerator Laboratory at the University of Helsinki focusing on computational material science. My main research field is Molecular Dynamics simulations of irradiation in metals. The main focus is on Fe and Fe-based alloys as well as Multicomponent alloys.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 112

Phone: +358 50 311 2603, +358 29 415 0036


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Kerttuli Helariutta

Chief engineer (PhD)

Office:  Accelerator laboratory 135b

Phone:  +358 2941 50133


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Piet­ari Kien­anen

Main accelerator operator (technician-degree from Helsinki University of Applied Sciences)

The main operator of the TAMIA accelerator and he operates the accelerator during several kinds of Ion Beam Analysis measurements. He is also responsible for the maintenance of the two ion sources used in AMS and IBA measurements with the TAMIA accelerator.

Office: Accelerator laboratory  135c

Phone: +358 29 415 0020


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Antti Kuronen

University Lecturer (Doc.)

My research concentrates on atomic level modeling of materials; using molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. Recently, the studies have been dealing mostly with mechanical properties of materials on atomic level. 

Office:  Accelerator laboratory, 109

Phone: +358 29 415 0083,  +358 50 415 6816


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Aleksi Leino

University researcher (Ph.D.)

Office:  Accelerator laboratory, 122




Ilja Makkonen

Academy Research Fellow (Akatemiatutkija), Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Doc. (Aalto)

Application and development of computational methods to describe defects in crystalline solids. Supporting theory for defect identification with positron annihilation.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 123

Phone: +358 2941 50694, +358 503533630

Email: ilja.makkonen

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Mikko Mannermaa

Accelerator operator ,Laboratory Technician  (Automation assembler degree from Helsinki City College of Technology)

The second operator of the TAMIA accelerator. Mikko is a laboratory technicial heavily involved in electrical and automation assembly in the laboratory, along with accelerator operation, liquid nitrogen supply, and Labview programming.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 135c

Phone:+358 29 41 50089, +358 50 415 5394



Kenichiro Mizo­hata

University researcher  (PhD)

Kenza is the main researcher in the accelerator mass spectrometry research group since September 2017 and responsible for the AMS measurements done in the laboratory as well as for the associated beam-time scheduling, AMS data-analysis, and reporting.

Office:  Accelerator laboratory 135a

Phone: +358 29 41 50116


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Jonatan Slotte

University Lecturer (Aalto Uni.) Doc.

Office: Accelerator laboratory  105


Vladimir Tuboltsev

Laboratory engineer  (Doc.)

Office:  Accelerator laboratory 112

Phone: +358 2941 50009, +358 50 311 2601


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Harri Tyrväinen

Laboratory engineer

Office: Accelerator laboratory K135b

Phone: +358 29 41 50087,  +358 50 415 5393