Kenichiro Mizohata (PhD) is the main researcher in the accelerator mass spectrometry research group since September 2017.

Office:  Accelerator Laboratory (Pietari Kalmin katu 2), room 135a

Phone: +358-2941 50116


Kenichiro (Kenza) defended his thesis on the topic of Progress in Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA) in 2013. He has more than 40 peer-reviewed journal articles on the application of ERDA and of the related Time-of-Flight ERDA methods to elemental analysis of materials. Kenza is responsible for the AMS measurements done in the laboratory as well as for the associated beam-time scheduling, AMS data-analysis, and reporting.


Pertti Tikkanen (PhD, Doc.) is the senior laboratory manager and the head of the technical personnel of the Accelerator Laboratory.

Office: Accelerator Laboratory (Pietari Kalmin katu 2), room 135a

Phone: +358-2941 50006



As the senior laboratory manager, Pertti coordinates the operation, development, and service of the accelerators of the laboratory. He is responsible for the general accelerator infrastructure since the kick-off in 1998 when the decision to start the AMS measurements was made. Most of the in-house constructed accelerator components required in the adaptation of the TAMIA accelerator for AMS, as well as the general layout of the system, are designed by him.

Pertti’s wide expertise covers aspects of the formation of ions (positive or negative) and the acceleration, steering, and diagnostics of ion beams, and also the detection of rare-isotope events. He has a strong background in experimental nuclear physics (gamma-ray spectrometry) and in applications of related techniques in studies of ion-solid interactions.


Pietari Kienanen (technician-degree from Helsinki University of Applied Sciences) is the main operator of the TAMIA accelerator.

Office: Accelerator Laboratory (Pietari Kalmin katu 2), room 135b

Phone:+358-2941 50020


Pietari has worked as an accelerator operator in the Division of materials Physics from 2006 onwards. Knowledgeable in accelerator technology and vacuum systems, he operates the accelerator during several kinds of Ion Beam Analysis measurements, AMS among them. He is also responsible for the maintenance of the two ion sources used in AMS and IBA measurements with the TAMIA accelerator.


Mikko Mannermaa (Automation assembler degree from Helsinki City College of Technology) is the second operator of the TAMIA accelerator.

Office: Accelerator Laboratory (Pietari Kalmin katu 2), room 135c

Phone:+358-2941 50089


Mikko is a laboratory technicial heavily involved in electrical and automation assembly in the laboratory, along with accelerator operation, liquid nitrogen supply, and Labview programming. Basically, if something electrical brakes, Mikko fixes it.


Jyrki Räisänen (PhD, Prof.) is a professor at the Department of Physics and currently serves as the head of the Division of Materials Physics and the Accelerator Laboratory. He is a team leader in the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atomic Layer Deposition (2012-2017).

Office: Accelerator Laboratory (Pietari Kalmin katu 2), room 107

Phone:+358 50 4156814


Research interests: Characterization of materials by ion beam methods, development of the techniques. Diffusion in solids.  Ion-solid interactions; stopping power, defects, implantation. Cluster beam deposition of nanostructures and fusion energy related materials.



Tommy Ahlgren (PhD, Doc.) Yliopistonlehtori

Office:  K110

Phone: 029 41 50648 / 050 3112599




Aki Lahtinen (doctorial student)

Office: K104

Phone: 02941 50003 / 0503112593



Harri Tyrväinen laboratory engineer

Office: K135b

Phone: 02941 50087 / 0504155393



Vladimir Tuboltsev (PhD, Doc) laboratory engineer

Office: K112

Phone: 02941 50009 / 0503112601



Basil Gonsalves (doctoral student)

Office: K122

Phone: 02941 50617 / 0504154837



Pasi Jalkanen (PhD) university researcher

Office: K122

Phone: 02941 50617 / 0504154837