Professors at Accelerator laboratory
Flyura Djurabekova

Prof. Flyura Djurabekova, Head of Division of Materials Physics

My group studies the Materials for Accelerator Technology within the Accelerator Technology project at HIP by means of different computational methods.

In addition, I'm involved in several projects with swift heavy ions irradiation of materials (related to FAIR) and nanoparticles as part of Materials science simulation group at the Department of Physics.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 107

Phone: +358 29 415 0084, +358 50 448 0924


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Kai Nordlund

Prof. Kai Nordlund (PhD), Vice rector of University of Helsinki

Professor in computational materials physics and vice rector of University of Helsinki.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 108

Vice rector Office: Unioninkatu 34

Phone: +358 29 415 0007


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Kostas Sarakinos

Assoc. Prof. Kostas Sarakinos

Research aims at understanding on a fundamental level the complex interplay among materials chemistry, atomic arrangement, and physical attributes for creating thin-film materials in an atom-by-atom fashion. This is achieved by the combined use of novel vapor-based thin-film synthesis routes and in situ probes, while benefiting from strong in-house expertise in materials characterization and modelling.

Office: Accelerator Laboratory 111

Phone: +358 29 415 1326


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Filip Tuomisto

Prof. Filip Tuomisto (PhD), Head of Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory 

Materials science with positron and ion beams. Research work focuses on the fundamental connection between macroscopic properties and atomic-level structure of materials. The methodology of choice is positron annihilation spectroscopy that is particularly suitable for lattice defect characterization in solids.

Office: Accelerator laboratory 106


Phone: +358 50 3841 799

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