cDNA libraries

GBU's reagent collection contains a library of open reading frames (ORFeome collaboration) consisting of about 18 600 fully verified cDNA clones, and a collection of full-length cDNAs (MGC collection) consisting of about 29 000 clones.

The ORF library clones are available in Gateway-based entry vectors and we also provide cloning service into various Gateway destination vectors for Biocenter Finland research groups.

ORFeome collection

ORFeome Collaboration (full ORFs in Gateway entry vectors):

  • human clones      16934
  • mouse clones       1758

Each gene has usually two versions within the library: with and without stop codon. If you plan to make use of a vector containing C-terminal tags, select the version without stop codon.  

MGC collection

MGC collection (cDNA clones in various vector backbones):

  • human clones      20 945
  • mouse clones       8290

The MGC clones are not in Gateway-compatible vectors but we can design PCR-primers which add attB-sites to the insert and enable BP-cloning to a Gateway entry vector. 

Order and delivery

Look up your gene of interest in the libraries and copy paste the data to the following request form. If cloning to another vector is needed, please specify the vector in the form. Email the form to

The clones are usually delivered as bacterial plates to customers in the University of Helsinki. If the plates can't be picked up or delivered by internal mail, we can do DNA minipreps and mail them to other Biocenter-Finland universities. DNA preps are delivered by mail. Glycerol stocks are shipped with UPS or FedEx on dry ice on the customer's expense (customer's account number required for FedEx). For plates the delivery options are pick-up and UH internal mail. The delivery time is usually within a week from order. 

Clone verification

We always recommend to sequence the clones before the experiments. The libraries are vendor-verified but unfortunately do contain some errors. You can find the sequencing primers suitable for your clone in the info sheet we send with your order. 

We can also verify the clones by Sanger sequencing with forward and reverse primers. For longer sequences this does not necessarily cover the whole gene. If you order this service, we'll give you the sequencing results with your clone.

Faulty clones will not be charged.


The clones from the libraries are provided only to Biocenter Finland research groups. The clones are provided free of charge but a processing fee depending on delivery format is charged.

The prices have been updated and these prices are effective from March 1st 2024. 

Service / Customer class University of Helsinki
Fist item in order
University of Helsinki
Subsequent items
Biocenter Finland 
Fist item
Biocenter Finland
Subsequent items
Plate 20 € 15 € 23 € 18 €
Glycerol stock 20 € 15 € 23 € 18 €
DNA MINIprep 36 € 19 € 40 € 23 €
DNA MIDIprep 60 € 30 € 67 € 37 €
Control construct 20 € 20 € 20 € 20 €
Clone verification by
Sanger sequencing
20 € 15 € 22 € 17 €

If you use a clone from the GBU in your publication, please acknowledge us in the following way:

OR­Feome clones:

“Name of the clone (ORFeome Library; Genome Biology Unit supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland)"

MGC clones:

“Name of the clone (MGC Library; Genome Biology Unit supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland)"