The CoCoLaC research community was founded in 2011.

It took part in the evaluation of research at the University of Helsinki in 2012. From 2013 to 2016 the research community received proper funding from the University of Helsinki.

From the very beginning, CoCoLaC had a very efficient management and organisation with 4 subgroups representing 4 research axes which overlap and complete each other: Vocabulary, Contrastive syntax, Text types and discourses, Pragmatic approaches to languages and cultures.

Each subgroup was led by one or two responsible researcher(s), and the work of the subgroups was coordinated by Eva Havu as the general coordinator.

Each subgroup organised one (often: international) seminar each year. The papers read in these seminars were published in several collected volumes.

Funding by the University of Helsinki ended in 2016. The research community decided in its final seminar in December 2016 to continue cooperating. The new coordinator became Hartmut Lenk, in September 2021, Silvio Cruschina took over this task. The steering group continues its work, but there are no more subgroups. The research community received funding from a private foundation. It organised internal and open seminars, several workshops (for a complete list, see 'News and events') and two open, international conferences: on Comparative Approaches to Pragmatics (in March 2018) and on Excessive Language in Public Discourse (in March 2022).


French philology

German philology

Italian philology

Spanish philology

Research network Kirjetutkimuksen verkosto – Nätverk för brevforskning i humaniora

How to address? Variation and change in address practices

TAITO-Project: TAITO – Vieraiden kielten taitotasot

Project Styles of persuasion in Europe

Former Subgroups (2011-2016)