Coordinator: Begoña Sanromán Vilas

E-Mail: Begona.Sanroman [at] helsinki.fi


Research dealing with vocabulary has focused on phraseology, the presentation of phraseological constructions in mono- and bilingual dictionaries as well as on the conception and critical examination of bilingual dictionaries. The main subjects of interest have been the theory of certain types of phraseological constructions and of empty verb constructions and their occurrence in texts, the structure of proverbs in German, French and Finnish, the use of phraseological constructions by different authors in rock lyrics, in advertising, and their use as means of ideological criticism in literary texts, the translation of idioms in belles-lettres and in children’s literature and the translation of routine formulas from German into Finnish. A new German-Finnish lexicographical presentation of empty verb constructions was completed in 2008. Intensive research led to the publication of a German-Finnish comprehensive dictionary, as well as to the organization of an international conference (EUROPHRAS 2008) the same year. A team has been working on pragmatical phraseology since 2006 (cf. subgroup 4). A theoretical study of the presenting of routine formulas in a multilingual electronic dictionary is in preparation, and comparative terminological studies on ecology and environmental protection have been carried out. Studies on the syntactic dimension of phraseology (verb idioms) and of lexicography (collocations) (cf. subgroup 2) have led to several publications. The RC has also participated in the organization of a workshop on the use of phraseological units in text types (cf. subgroup 3).


Satu Helomaa

Irma Hyvärinen

Jarmo Korhonen

Hartmut Lenk – Main areas of research: Contrastive medialinguistics, especially textlinguistics, international research project Styles of persuasion in Europe; Text understanding by native speakers and foreign language learners; Personal names and the forms they are used in German and Finnish; Idioms in German popular songs including rock lyrics

Annikki Liimatainen (University of Tampere)

Jari Nummi

Pasi Pirttisaari

Ulrike Richter-Vapaatalo

Jouni Rostila – Areas of interest: construction grammar, grammaticalization, German syntax, German as a foreign language

Anna Ruusila (University of Tampere)

Begoña Sanromán – Areas of interest: Lexicography and Lexicology; Phraseology; Collocations; the relation between the lexicon and the grammar, Syntax and Semantics of light verb constructions

Marja Ursin

Marjo Vesalainen