Diving at TZS

TZS has facilities for scientific diving that includes boats suitable for diving, drying room, and a compressor for 200 and 300 bar. Some dive equipment can be borrowed for research and for course work. We also offer dive services upon agreement. All activities involving diving must be discussed well in advance with the TZS Dive Safety Officer and all divers need a valid TZS dive permit to dive at at the station. Scientific diver training at the station is organised through the Finnish Scientific Diving Academy (FSDA).

In addition to facilities and gear, diving services at TZS include, e.g. sampling, deployment of research equipment, checking of experimental set-up, and scientific diving training through the FSDA.

All divers need to show a diver´s certificate, logbook as a proof of experience, filled-in health report form or valid medical certificate, and diver´s insurance. All divers must take part in the dive safety briefing and checkup dive at the station before diving. All diving services, training, use of boats, facilities, and equipment are liable to charge.

Please contact the TZS Dive Safety Officer to discuss your diving plans and underwater work at the station. More information about the scientific diver training and FSDA courses can be found on the FSDA page and by contacting the FSDA coordinator.