Field equipment

TZS has a variety of standard sampling equipment such as water samplers, plankton nets, sediment corers, grabs, dredges, and handheld probes. Available equipment is listed below, please contact the technical staff to get more information and to check availability. To ensure smooth sampling in the field, please contact the staff well in advance before the planned work.
Deployment of research equipment

When you plan to deploy any research equipment in the field, please note that deployments might require a permit. Regarding all deployments consult the research coordinator and technical staff first.

Please note that due to decreased storage capacity, TZS can no longer provide long-term storage of equipment after the research projects have finished.

Field equipment available at TZS

Valeport Mini CTD, Sontek CastAway CTD (onboard r/v Augusta)

LI-COR LI-1500 Light Meter/logger with LI-190 Quantum sensor, LI-192 Underwater quantum sensor, LI-193 Spherical underwater quantum sensor

RBRsolo PAR logger

YSI Pro ODO Oxygen sensor/logger (onboard r/v Augusta)

YSI ProSolo ODO/CT Oxygen, temperature and salinity sensor/logger, 2 pcs

Onset HOBO U26 oxygen and temperature loggers 

Onset HOBO U24 conductivity and temperature loggers

Onset HOBO Pendant temperature loggers

Water samplers, Limnos 2L, 2.8L and Limnos 5L

Plankton nets, mesh sizes 10-200 µm

Sediment samplers: van Veen grab, box corer (small), box corer (large) with 12 acrylic liners, GeMax twincorer, HAPS corer for sandy sediments, Ekman grab, Sediment Limnos, Petit Ponar

Meridata MD-DSS multi-mode sonar system and S-150Pi side-scan sonar with 100 m cable.