We are in the process of describing and opening our datasets. If you are interested in TZS data, please follow the link and see what we have. More information and access to the data through station´s research coordinator.
Data available at TZS

TZS CTD; CTD data from Storfjärden (33 m depth) from 1989 - ongoing. Interval varies from two to ten days.

TZS POIJU; monthly measurements of oxygen, nutrients and chlorophyll a (Tot P, Tot N, Si, chl a) in the water column from 1996 - ongoing. 

TZS BENTHIC MONITORING; macrofauna community composition and quantification at two monitoring sites (XLIV 35 m, XXVII 20 m) from 1926 to 2017. Interval varying until 1989, annually since 1989. Partly available through SYKE Avoin tieto.

TZS MONICOAST; a network of sensors measuring temperature, salinity, oxygen concentration, pH and turbidity in several locations since 2017. Read more about Monicoast

TZS ZOOPLANKTON; Monthly observations of zooplankton community composition at Storfjärden (33 m depth) since 2011. Dataset will be available through SYKE Avoin tieto.

Data also available on Secchi depth (m) and ice cover.