Experimental facilities

TZS has well-equipped facilities for indoor, outdoor and for in-situ experiments. Use of the facilities must be discussed and booked well in advance to ensure smooth experiments.
Facilities available at TZS

The TZS experimental facilities include several temperature-regulated rooms for small-scale indoor experiments and three larger aquarium rooms for larger-scale mesocosm experiments. During the summer season large-scale mesocosm experiments can also be conducted in the coastal area near TZS. Station´s outdoor facilities (“greenhouses”) are equipped with flow-through seawater system. In addition to these experimental facilities, the station is well equipped for providing logistic support for large-scale in-situ field experiments.

It is important to contact the research coordinator and technical staff well in advance and reserve time for planning your experimental set-up and timetable together. Planning includes the estimation for construction, set-up, and clean-up costs, which must be agreed before starting the experiment.

Please note that no formaldehyde or other toxic substances are allowed in the experimental facilities. Disposal of any harmful waste must be planned and agreed before the experiment with the TZS staff as well as applying for possible permits for in-situ deployments or permits from the Authorisation Board for animal experiments before starting the experiments with fish or other vertebrates.