Free time activities

What's there to do at LBS on your free time?

Nature and Science trails

The Station has a 1.8 km long nature trail and a 2.0 km long science trail that wind through the forest on our property

Evo outdoors area

Located 20 km north of LBS is southern Finland's largest contiguously forested area. The Evo area has hiking, skiing and wildlife viewing opportunities and is well worth a visit. 

LBS has a small rustic lakeside cottage that can be rented. It has no running water or electricity, but it is a perfect way to experience the beauty and serenity of Evo. The cottage also has its own sauna. 

Lamminjärvi peatland and cliff

The Lamminjärvi-Halila Natura 2000 area is located about 3 km from LBS and well worth the visit. It is a good place for bird watching (ask John for a spotting scope) and the view from the top of the cliff is very beautiful. 

Suurisuo mire

The Suurisuo mire is a 400 ha area that is in pristing condition. Suurisuo is a half-day or day trip and can be reached by bicycle or car (directions). Finnish mires are exceedingly beautiful places that are unfortunately all too often overlooked by visitors to Finland.  

Outdoor activities


The station has 11 bicycles that visitors can borrow. Ask our staff for the bicycle lock combination and bicycle helmets. 


Information on permits for fishing can be found here


Please see the map for a popular walking / jogging route used by residents at the Station.

Paddling and rowing

The Station’s row boats and canoe can be used free of charge during your spare time. Please ask about lifejackets, keys and row boat availability from, Leena, John or Tiina.


Lighted ski trails are available close to the village of Lammi, and we also track trails near the station during the second last week of February. When the lake is frozen and ice conditions allow, skiing on the lake is also a fun activity. LBS has a few skis available that can be borrowed. Ask John for more information.

Games and other activities

Fribee golf

The station has four frisbee golf baskets and frisbees. They usually can be found by the student dormitory's bicycle shelter. 


Mölkky is a really fun game for all ages. Our set is stored in the shed next to the student dormitory's bicycle shelter.



Table tennis

The ping pong table is located in the basement of the Herrala dormitory. Please be sure to put it away after each use. There should be balls and rackets in Herrala, but ask John if you need a new ball.