Large lakes

Three large lakes (107-1008 km2) are located within a 40 minute drive from LBS which are excellent locations for aquatic research. Boats can be trailered and launched at each of these lakes for day trips or extended periods.
Lake Vanajavesi

Lake Vanajavesi is a 166 km2 lake situated southwest of LBS. LBS participates in research on the lake related to recovery from eutrophication. Our cooperative partner, Vanajavesikeskus, is a not for profit organization which is active in promoting the conservation of the lake. Their website contains more information on the lake and more videos like the one to the left.

Lake Päijänne

Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland with a surface area of 1082 km2 located east of LBS (directions). The closest access to the lake is in Padasjoki, which is a 40 minute drive from the Station. The Padasjoki harbour provides direct access to Päijänne National Park (see map). 

Lake Vesijärvi

Lake Vesijärvi is a 108 km2 lake situated east of LBS that lies between two large glacial end moraines (map and directions). Recently, the lake has been a focus for research on winter limnology, biogeochemistry and reversing the effects of eurtrophication. Botanical surveys conducted in the 1860's lead to the discovery that Vesijärvi has a high diversity of aquatic plants and species that are not found elsewhere in Finland. Problems with eutrophication in the southern arm of the lake have been the focus of research and management efforts with promising results. See the video on the left for more information on assistant professor Tom Jilbert's work on phosphorous burial in Vesijärvi.