Research infrastructure

Lammi Biological Station and its surroundings offer a wide range of opportunities for research on boreal waterways and the boreal forest zone. A separate research facility, outdoor enclosures and laboratories are open to researchers, research groups and teachers. In addition, motor vehicles are available for research activities according to the current price list.
Questionnaire for research infrastructure, analysis and field assistance

This questionnaire helps LBS collect the necessary information about participants of the research project, their requests for resources and billing.

Fish experimental facility

The research facility has 12 large plastic tanks with a capacity of 4,200 litres and a diameter of 2.8 meters each, and 20 smaller tanks with a capacity of 400 litres and a diameter of one meter. The tanks can be filled with water from either Lake Pääjärvi or a well. The research facility has adjustable lighting, and the room temperature can be lowered to about 16 degrees Celsius.

Laboratory and microscopes

The laboratory facilities are used for analyses of both water and samples relevant to ecology and environmental biology. The services, premises and equipment are available to researchers, research groups and teachers. Separate facilities are provided for sample processing and microscopy. Most laboratory services can be commissioned and, if agreed, research technicians can collect samples.

Research facility and outdoor enclosures

The separate research facility has temperature-controlled rooms currently used for bird, butterfly and salmon research. In addition, the facility has workspaces, growth chambers and sample-processing areas.

The outdoor enclosures are undergoing an upgrade.

Facilities and vehicles

The station research infrastructure can be used in a variety of research projects. The conventional research infrastructure, such as laboratory facilities, microscopes, ovens and scales, is available for use subject to a research infrastructure fee.

The motor vehicles at Lammi Biological Station are available for research activities in accordance with the current price list. The selection of vehicles includes cars, minibuses, boats and a snowmobile.

Weather station

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has a weather station at Lammi Biological Station. To monitor the real-time weather data produced, search for “Hämeenlinna, Lammi, Pappila”. In addition, you can use the Meteorological Institute’s Download Observations service to download weather data for Lammi Pappila going back all the way to 1963. This provides a comprehensive overview of long-term regional weather observations.

Monimet cameras

There are six MONIMET cameras in use at Lammi Biological Station, taking a picture of the same location every 30 minutes. The data have been collected since 2013.

All images are freely available through the adjacent link. Two of the cameras focus on landscape images, and another two (including one infrared camera) on a birch canopy. Two further cameras, one of which is also an infrared camera, are pointed towards the ground.

The same link gives access to images taken by other MONIMET cameras operating in Finland. The MONIMET network is maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Helsinki.

Wild Animal Phenotyping

Wild Animal Phenotyping (WildAP) aims to fill a gap in the Finnish infrastructure landscape via providing coordinated state-of-the art wild animal phenotyping equipment, services, training and expertise to support wildlife research, conservation and management. WildAP aims to be a resource for researchers for the measurement of morphology, behaviour, physiology, communication and animal welfare.

Please see our services page for a list of the instruments and equipment we make available to researchers and the services we provide. The WildAP infrastructure currently operates at the University of Helsinki Viikki campus and Lammi Biological Station.