Research resources

Some of the data produced through research at Lammi are openly available online.
Amphipod crustaceans

Organisms colonizing new habitats can undergo adaptive change due to novel selective landscapes encountered in the new environment. Examples in nature where the development of the same traits has repeatedly occurred on multiple independent occasions upon colonizing a novel habitat represent instances of parallel evolution. 

John Loehr, Janne Sundell, Mikko Immonen, Risto Väinölä

MONIMET photographic datasets

There are six MONIMET cameras in use at Lammi Biological Station, which take a picture of the same location every 30 minutes. The data have been collected since 2013. All images are freely available through the adjacent link. The same link also includes images taken by other MONIMET cameras operating in Finland.

Two of the cameras capture landscape images. Two other cameras, one of which is an infrared camera, are focused on photographing a birch canopy. Two further cameras, one of which is an infrared camera, are pointed towards the ground.

The MONIMET network is maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Helsinki.