Lake Pääjärvi and LBS environs

13 km2 lake, coniferous and deciduous forests and fields available for research projects

Lake Pääjärvi

Lammi Biological Station (LBS) is situated on the shore of Lake Pääjärvi which is an oligotrphic, humic lake located within the Boreal zone of southern Finland. The lake is 10 km long and 4 km wide and has a maximum depth of approximately 87 m, making it one of the deepest lakes in Finland. The lake has a volume of 205.7 million m3 and has 33 km of shoreline. 

The earliest research on the lake was performed in 1913 as part of a project to map phytoplankton communities and water properties of lakes in Finland. In 1970 the Pääjärvi project began which investigated the ecology of the lake. Since this time, long-term data has been gathered on water temperature, pH, colour, nutrients stream flow etc. until present day. 

For a list of variables currently measured on Lake Pääjärvi see this document:


For a basic scientific description of the lake please see this paper:


The Finnish language video below introduces the lake and LBS staff:


There is approximately 39 ha of forested land on LBS property. Half of this is protected forest containing large broad leaved and spruce dominated stands, and a small oak forest planted in the 1950's. The remaining forest consists of large spruce stands and smaller areas of young birch dominated forest. LBS has the right to perform experimental research in the forest (includes protected areas). 

Please see this document (below) for maps and a more detailed description of the forest (in Finnish).

Fields and arboretum


Lammi Biological Station has a number of fields available that are often used for plant experiments where large homogeneous areas are required.


The campus area of the station features a park like area with many different species of trees capable of growing in this northern climate.