Experimental lakes and catchment area

Newly built experimental catchment facility and large natural lakes available for ecosystem manipulation research.
Pääjärvi Experimental Catchment Area (PECA)

Completed in 2018, PECA is designed to allow for experimental research at the watershed level. PECA's 17 plots enable the manipulation of factors of interest to watershed hydrology. Please contact Tiina Tulonen or John Loehr and see the video below for more information.

Experimental lakes in the Evo region

Located 20 minutes north of the station is the Evo region which is a hub of environmental research for many different university research groups and government agencies. Evo is at the headwaters of the watershed and the area has many small lakes, streams and bogs for which long term data are available. Whole lake experiments and manipulations are also possible in this region. The station has a rustic cabin located in the center of Evo which can be used as a base for field work if desired.  Depth charts of many of the lakes can be found here: