Business development case pitches

On November 2nd, 2023, we'll hear pitches from on-going business development cases & startups developing new technologies in the field of local sustainable food systems in the built environment. Here are more details about the startups and business opportunity cases to be pitched on stage!
Business Opportunity Calls pitched at the Food SystemiCity business development kick-off

In the Food SystemiCity programme we're looking for business development cases in the field of sustainable local food systems in the built environment  to match technology or service providers with real estate actors and help them co-create impactful business together.

To kick-off the match-making, business development cases and startups looking for partners or collaborators will be pitching their business opportunity calls on stage.

Blokgarden: Elevating customer satisfaction and property value through community gardening

A community garden in the building's courtyard enhances quality of life, fosters community, reduces vandalism and maintenance costs, and boosts residents' access to locally grown food, facilitating communal activities.

About Blokgarden

Blokgarden offers community gardens as a housing service. Blokgarden’s community garden is a ready-made concept that has been tried in several housing associations, rental properties, and entire neighborhoods. In addition to cultivation boxes and seedlings, we ensure that the community is formed and succeeds in gardening.

Calling for...

partners with the interest in offering and developing community garden activities for their customers and audiences: municipalities and cities, housing associations, rental properties, commercial buildings, residential service buildings, offices, workplaces, schools, and daycare centers who want to enhance community engagement in their properties or neighborhoods and be a part of the future food system development. The Customer is either the housing provider or the housing community. Typically activity is at least 50% supported by housing provider.

Helsieni: Grow mushrooms at home

Introducing mushroom cultivation to citizens.

About Helsieni

The objective is that more people know about the different ways they can grow mushrooms at home, indoors or outdoors. Thus extending the growing season and increasing the resilience of local residents.

Calling for...

The call is for property owners, property developers, schools, associations, companies, citizens.

Robosharing: Last-mile delivery with autonomous and remote-controlled robots

Providing delivery mobile robots to the Smart Cities:Robot-as-a-Service platform that empowers retail, e-commerce, shops, agro, and hospitality businesses to revolutionize last-mile delivery through the integration of autonomous and remote-controlled robots. Robosharing provides efficient, precise, and eco-friendly delivery services, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

About Robosharing

Robosharing leads the autonomous delivery robot sector, offering comprehensive last-mile delivery solutions. We specialize in autonomous robotics, AI, and 5G connectivity, leveraging our expertise to address urban delivery challenges. Our assets include a unified chassis platform, a robot fleet, proprietary software, and strategic partnerships, enabling flexible and reliable delivery services.

Calling for...

The call is for property owners, property developers, construction companies, vertical farming solution providers, urban farmers, city planners, parks/resorts, and zoning experts.

Revenue is generated through the licensing of autonomous delivery robot services, robot customization, and ads on the robot. Robosharing is offering cost-efficient, precise, and eco-friendly last-mile delivery solutions.

Seulo: Ordering food products directly from producers & suppliers with consolidated delivery

Homes, cafés and many businesses are using “digital shopping center” services. With their help, food products can be sourced directly from producers or other suppliers and received in a consolidated delivery. Deliveries are made directly to ordering clients or to “around the corner” located pick-up points. Pick-ups are located to other near-by services like cafes, restaurants or shops, etc.

About Seulo companies

Our companies; Kauppahalli24, Suppilog and Colligx are interested in piloting and running “digital shopping center” services.

Calling for...

The call is for local producers, pick-up service providers, café-restaurant businesses and property owners.

Superhood: Reach and engage with local people, and build a community to drive participation!

Local information gets lost in the noise and algorithms of the Internet. Superhood is a social discovery hub for all things local, driving awareness of local events, happenings, and services. Use it to strengthen the community and drive participation in your local food offering.

About Superhood

Superhood is a social discovery hub for all things local. It’s a free app for local people, and a set of tools for local businesses and organisations to engage with local people.


Calling for...

Superhood is an opportunity for local communities and organizations, as well as for local retail businesses to drive participation and business. Superhood is also looking for partners with consumer focused offerings like community gardening, home-cooked meal services, etc.

Vacuum Wood Tech: Growing food year-round on rooftops / yards / parking lots

Integrating food production into Smart Cities: Providing urban dwellers an opportunity to grow (a part of) their food year-round on their rooftops/yards/parking lots. This is done though applying new construction & vertical farming technologies to seamlessly integrate urban farms into cities. They enable the production of high quality food in urban environments & cities while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the food grown.

About Vacuum Wood Tech

We provide a scalable construction solution for vertical farming. We also know how to equip the farm and integrate into existing city infrastructure.

Calling for...

The call is for property owners, property developers, construction companies, vertical farming solution providers, urban farmers, city planners, zoning experts.

The customer is the building owner and the revenue comes from the added value (food & fund) created by the vertical farming operation. The users actively take part in the cultivation process (planting, harvesting etc.).

Yrjö and Hanna Foundation: Developing food related living services for the Circular Economy Block in Jätkäsaari

Circular Economy Block is a hybrid-housing quarter with 250 apartments. It will be designed and constructed in Helsinki, Jätkäsaari in 2023-2026 with a concept of ”One Hundred Stories of Circular Economy”. We are looking for 3-5 business cases related to growing and storing food in urban environment (roof-top, yard, basement).

About the developer: Yrjö and Hanna Foundation

Yrjö and Hanna Foundation is a social housing developer, property owner, landlord, service provider and block community builder.

Calling for...

The call is for companies developing food producing services and technologies (high-tech – low-tech) inside and on the roof of the building, e.g.

1) Urban farming facilities for roof tops

2) Food storing technologies for ”Urban Earth Cellar”

3) Services for the smallest urban forest with natural microbes ”One Acre Wood”.