The Food SystemiCity programme is implemented together by University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland and VTT. Below are short summaries of each partner’s main responsibilities in the work packages that they lead.
University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki (UH) is responsible for the coordination of the Food SystemiCity programme and it’s communications.  UH also leads a work package where startups, (real estate) companies and researchers are brough together to form linkage teams, which are then supported in co-developing their solutions together within local city-region food systems. 

Work package lead: Laura Forsman, Viikki Food Design Factory, University of Helsinki 

Aalto university

Aalto university leads a work package for mapping future business opportunities that follow from the sustainability transition of food systems in urban built environement. Based on the work, a map of those opportunities will be published in the autumn 2023.  

Work package lead: Saija Toivonen, Department of Built Environment, Aalto University.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia leads a workpackage for creating a supported process for implementing piloting. Metropolia will gather together information on various piloting environments in the capital region and creates, tests and implements a clear process on how to select and agree on a suitable testing environment for each client.

Work package lead: Timo Nykopp, Clean and sustainable solutions innovation hub Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Natural Resources Institute Finland

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) leads a work package that develops a tool for assessing the overall sustainability and business potential of new innovations needed for the sustainability transformation.

Work package lead: Susanne Heiska, Production Systems Unit, Luke


VTT leads a work package that develops the mentoring process for startups. The model consists of applying an ecosystem / network of mentors instead of a single mentor for each case and will be piloted with the linkage teams participating in the Food SystemiCity programme.  

Work package lead: Mirva Lampinen, VTT