Food SystemiCity is a programme for business creation to transition into sustainable local food systems in cities and built environments.

The current global food system is a major cause of climate emissions, biodiversity loss and social issues globally.

Science-based views promote transition into more local food systems, where:

  • Nutrients can be circulated efficiently & primary production inputs are produced locally.
  • Shorter distances diminish spoilage, energy usage, and GHG emissions.
  • Urban environments are developed into green spaces through urban farming and community gardens.
  • Social ties are strengthened between primary producers and local food consuming citizens.
  • Communities are knitted closer through joint food activities.

In short, local food production, distribution, and nutrient recycling after consumption is key in achieving food system sustainability as well as self-sufficiency.


The Food SystemiCity programme facilitates:

  • Identifying business opportunities in creating local food systems in the city-region context.
  • Finding potential partners for business co-creation between industries, city actors and relevant researchers.
  • Co-creation & co-development of new solutions.
  • Connecting with pioneering international theme experts as mentors.
  • Piloting of the new co-created solutions.
  • Assessment of the sustainability & business potential.
For whom

Food SystemiCity connects companies in the built environment sector, startups, primary producers, research teams and city actors.

We are looking for parties who have the know-how and interest in co-creating new solutions that will enable food to be produced, distributed and consumed in the future in a more sustainable, self-sufficient and socially stimulating manners in the urban, built environment and with novel linkages to local primary producers.

The industries the programme connects together are:

  • Real estate & construction
  • Housing
  • Food cultivation, e.g. urban farming etc.
  • Primary production
  • Logistics
  • Local food distribution
  • Local food processing
  • Energy

Are you interested? Contact us or come to the launch event in Autumn 2023 (date to be published in June).


Food SystemiCity programme started on 1.3.2023 and ends on 31.12.2025.