Our new students, congratulations and welcome to our community

The University of Helsinki’s strong appeal continues: there were nearly 29,000 applicants in the spring joint application procedure. One in seven applicants were admitted. The most popular degree programmes were law and psychology.

The University of Helsinki admitted 4,280 new students in the spring joint application procedure, in which applications are submitted to bachelor’s programmes as well as Finnish- and Swedish-language master’s programmes. There were approximately 27,000 applicants to the bachelor’s programmes, of whom 14% received a student place. As for the master’s programmes, there were a little fewer than 1,800 applicants, of whom 23% were admitted. The total number of applicants was 28,594.

 “I warmly welcome you to the University of Helsinki. There is a great deal of work ahead but luckily student life includes also much more: spending time together on campuses, making new friends and having fun,” says Rector Sari Lindblom.

In accordance with its strategic plan, the University of Helsinki wants to be the best place for its students to study. We work every day to ensure the University community’s wellbeing as well as its diversity and equality. The wellbeing of students and student progress is supported in many ways and new support methods are developed continuously. For example, early in the year, the University recruited new student advisors and increased the resources available to counselling psychologists.

“It is my wish that in addition to good memories each of our graduates will possess strong expertise in the field of their choice and an interest in lifelong learning,” says Rector Lindblom.

Law and psychology the most popular degree programmes

When measured by number of applicants per intake, the most popular bachelor’s programmesat the University of Helsinki were law and psychology. The degree programme in medicine received the most applications.

The number of new students admitted through the Open University route was 157. Meanwhile, 77 new students were admitted through the transfer application procedure. The transfer application procedure is available to students wishing to change their university or field of study, in which case their study right is transferred from one university to another or from one degree programme to another within the university.

The application procedure to the 36 international master’s programmes of the University of Helsinki took place at the start of the year. The results were published in April. International master’s programmes had a total of 5,649 applicants (from as many as 142 countries), of whom 1,187 were admitted.

The results of student selection can be viewed by the applicants in the national Studyinfo service. Student places must be accepted by 15.00 on 15 July 2022. The admission of students from the reserve list will continue until 2 August 2022.

More detailed degree programme specific statistics related to student admission will be published in the beginning of week 28.

Important information for new students

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Open University courses


Joint application procedure 2022

Total number of applicants in joint application procedure


  • Admitted as students 4,280
  • Admission rate (%) 15.0

Applicants to bachelor’s programmes


  •  Admitted as students 3,732
  •  Admission rate (%) 13.9

Applicants to master’s programmes


  • Admitted 404
  • Admission rate (%) 22.9

Applicants to the blended learning programme in early childhood education 351

  • Admitted as students 144
  • Admission rate (%) 41.0

Admitted through Open University route 157

Admitted through transfer application procedure 77