Almost 29,000 applicants to the University of Helsinki in the joint application procedure for higher education institutions

The most popular programme was the Degree Programme in Medicine. The number one master’s programme was the Master’s Programme in Pharmacy. Percentage-wise, education in the geosciences experienced the largest increase in popularity.

In the joint application procedure for Finnish higher education institutions, 28,601 individuals applied to the University of Helsinki. Of the applicants, 26,867 individuals applied for bachelor’s programmes and 1,764 to master’s programmes. The joint application procedure ended on 30 March 2022.

“We are extremely happy and grateful that so many applicants were interested in the University of Helsinki. Our students will become part of our strong academic community, where we will support them to grow into responsible and open-minded experts,” says Director of Development Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta from Teaching and Learning Services.

The most popular option available for application was the Degree Programme in Medicine, with 3,538 applicants. The number of applicants for bachelor’s programmes increased the most in the geosciences, with 279 applicants, an increase of 35% from the previous year. Also the Bachelor’s Programme in Chemistry attracted more interest now than in the previous year. As in earlier years, the Bachelor’s Programme in Law received a great deal of interest, with 3,450 applicants. Another programme that continued its steady popularity was the international Bachelor’s Programme in Science, with 241 applicants. 

“This year history, Italian, Scandinavian languages, geosciences, chemistry and home economics teacher education interested applicants more than last year,” says Anna-Liisa Kuusela, head of Admission Services.

The steady popularity of master's programmes continues

The University of Helsinki's master’s programmes attracted nearly 1,800 applicants. The most popular programmes were the Master’s Programme in Pharmacy (293 applicants) and the Master’s Programme in Law (123 applicants). The Master’s Programme in Education (Early Childhood Education) also garnered interest, with 171 applicants.

The Open University route outside the joint application procedure interested 313 applicants. The most popular programme was the Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science, with 70 applicants. The Bachelor’s Programme in Law was also popular, with 65 applicants.

The blended-learning programme in early childhood education, which was launched in autumn 2021, garnered interest as well. A total of 351 applicants submitted an application to the programme. The aim of the programme is to provide individuals working in early childhood education with the qualifications for working as an early childhood education teacher.

Applicant numbers and available places by degree programme have been published on the University website. More detailed statistics on factors such as gender and language distribution, the number of first-time applicants, and applicants with the University as their first choice will be compiled for each degree programme next week, followed by their publication on the same website.

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