Partnerships of the Anniversary year

The University’s 375th anniversary year offers our partners a range of cooperation opportunities with the multidisciplinary University community. The University of Helsinki wants to provide research results and the expertise of the University community to benefit society at large. Through cooperation, we can address major social issues and actively support wellbeing in Finland and the world.

The science-based idea competition known as Helsinki Challenge urges researchers and their Finnish and international partners to find solutions to the major problems facing humanity. We believe that cooperation across different fields and sectors, together with new methods, can best promote scientific breakthroughs and new innovations. For our partners, Helsinki Challenge poses a unique opportunity to bolster their trailblazing reputation. Read more about the competition online at and come help us solve major problems!

The twenty teams shortlisted for the semifinals will be admitted to a new kind of accelerator programme in the spring of 2015. The programme will help the teams develop their solutions together with the University’s partners. The final seminar and awards ceremony will be arranged on the 12th and 13th of November 2015. The prize sum is €375,000.

Helsinki Challenge accelerator partners
Accelerator partners support either the whole programme or one stage of it. In addition to funding, we are seeking expert mentoring for the shortlisted teams in communications, financial administration and process development.

Helsinki Challenge team partners
Meet the teams and choose one that interests you. Cooperation with the team can continue through the year or be restricted to a shorter period during 2015, according to the wishes of the partner. In addition to financial support, assistance to the team can include the provision of facilities for teamwork, the facilitation of international contacts or expert consultation in communications or other fields.

Helsinki Challenge Awards Gala sponsor
As a gala sponsor you will have a front-row seat to the future of new solutions and be part of an internationally prominent science event. Your support will enable superior international visibility for the competition and the teams while helping them build international networks.

The anniversary year fundraising campaign Helsinki Insight 375 supports new insights, research and studies on the front lines of science at the University. The campaign aims to increase the University’s strategic capital and promote the top-level research important for the University’s future. At the same time, we want to support the University’s alumni and stakeholder relations and publicise the University’s goals as well as the significance of research and education in the development of global welfare. Donations will be particularly effective now, as the governmental funding programme will match the funds raised by the University, potentially quadrupling the impact of your donation. Read more about the campaign and join us:

As a donor, you will help the University reach its strategic goals and make new initiatives in research and teaching. Visible in the University community at large, donors are also members of the donor community Club Giraffe, which is hosted by the University’s rector and chancellor. The rector invites donors of €100,000 or more to the negotiating committee of the Future Fund.

Thinkfest kicks off the autumn term of science between 31 August and 5 September 2015 by offering new ways for the public to experience and participate in the University of Helsinki’s research and science. The theme of the festival is the global Helsinki. The pilot Thinkfest, organised in autumn 2014, was a success. Read more at

Event cooperation
Suggest your event for the Thinkfest programme and make it a part of the festival. Your event could be part of a massive festival, exposing your event to a large number of University community members and the general public alike.

Thinkfest sponsor cooperation offers the partner visibility during the festival. In addition to financial support, such partnership could entail media visibility or cooperation with creating the visual identity of the festival.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Contact us – true partnership is always built together with the partner.

Contact people for University of Helsinki community relations and the 375th anniversary year partnerships:
Liaison Manager Pia Dolivo, +358 50 5951209,