Working together for the benefit of patients – Collaboration between the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital is about top-level research and impactful care

The University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital are in a unique partnership founded on medical research, education and patient care based on research evidence. This collaboration helps to further develop world-class Finnish healthcare.

To signify their close partnership, the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital are adopting a shared  visual identity, which will, in future, be displayed in connection with studies and projects jointly coordinated by the two institutions. 

The collaboration between the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital goes back to the early 19th century. In its current form, the partnership is strategic in nature, an organic part of the everyday activities of both organisations and the experts in their employment. 

“While medical science is at the heart of the long-term cooperation of the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital, today’s collaboration is also multidisciplinary, as, for example, our new Master’s Programme in Social and Health Research and Management demonstrates,” says Rector Sari Lindblom of the University of Helsinki.

“A joint  brand promise underlines the substance of our close cooperation. We want to make this societally significant cooperation, which is self-evident to University and hospital staff, increasingly visible,” says Juha Tuominen, CEO of HUS Helsinki University Hospital.

Research-based care 

Medical science advances rapidly, and medical research is a prerequisite for high-quality healthcare. At the university hospital, research constitutes an element of care: treatments are continually assessed and developed on the basis of research evidence. 

“While Finnish medical research and care are already at the top level globally, we maintain our commitment to development. The University and university hospital are maintaining and improving the quality and impact of care through their special expertise and development activities for the benefit of everyone living in Finland,” says Risto Renkonen, dean of the Faculty of Medicine. 

Training top professionals together 

Helsinki University Hospital and the University of Helsinki are training future generations of healthcare professionals together. In all, medical education is provided at the University and hospital in 50 different specialities. 

The close link between medical research and education is maintained through employment relationships shared by the two institutions. Professors and docents are involved in research and teaching as well as the development of teaching at the University, while also serving at the hospital as doctors or administrators responsible for the operations and development of hospital units. 

“This unique link between the university hospital and the University must be preserved and advanced also in the future, as it helps us ensure that patient care continues to be provided by top-level professionals,” Tuominen emphasises.

For Finnish healthcare

Together, the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital constitute Finland’s most specialised and, in terms of educational offerings, broad-based unit in medical science. Their collaboration includes the development of therapies for diseases, the production of knowledge relevant to, for example, vaccine production and the identification of solutions for the comprehensive promotion of human wellbeing.

“The link between universities and university hospitals must be preserved also in the future. Research and teaching carried out today result in better care and health tomorrow,” says Risto Renkonen.

Further information

Risto Renkonen

Dean, professor of glycobiology, University of Helsinki

Head physician in clinical microbiology, Helsinki University Hospital

Phone: +358 2941 25110

Juha Tuominen

CEO, HUS Helsinki University Hospital

Contact via Kaarina Heikinheimo, assistant to the CEO, phone: +358 9 471 71201