The world’s first bee vaccine, improving sleep quality and other scientific innovations help to solve serious challenges at Slush 2018

During the Slush startup event, the University of Helsinki will introduce thirteen innovations based on scientific research in various stages of commercialisation.

One of the innovations to be presented at the University of Helsinki section is the first insect vaccine in the world, which protects bees from diseases while protecting global food production.

“Pollinators falling ill and dying is a serious threat to the global food economy. Even a slight improvement in their life has vast significance on a global scale,” states Dalial Freitak, who is the developer of PrimeBEE.

Another innovation to be presented at Slush is related to human motion sensing. The mobile solution developed by Moprim recognises whether people are walking, driving a car or travelling by a tram or bus. This technology is already in use in the CitiCAP project carried out by the City of Lahti, in addition to which it is currently being tested in cooperation with the Helsinki Region Transport Authority HSL.

“This information can be used in both urban and transport planning and to reduce individual carbon footprints. Interest in precise motion data has been expressed by cities as well as individual users,” says Moprim’s founder Petri Martikainen

A third solution to be introduced at Slush is focused on better understanding our internal clock and helping in acquiring habits that improve sleep quality and increase daytime alertness.

“Sleep deprivation affects health, emotion regulation, coping and learning in many ways. The SleepCircle sleep coaching utilises research-based evidence on how one’s personal sleep rhythm can be improved,” says Anu-Katriina Pesonen from SleepCircle.

Owned by the University of Helsinki, Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS) is a commercialisation expert, mediating between researchers and the business world to promote the use of academic innovations in society.

 “Companies based on top research or innovations just entering the commercialisation process are unique investment targets. Investors can take their pick from medical innovations to education export,” says CEO Jari Strandman from Helsinki Innovation Services.

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Y Science brings life sciences to Slush

For the second time, University of Helsinki, HiLIFE – Helsinki Institute of Life Science, and Slush will bring business and life sciences together at Y Science, an official Slush side event. This year, the event includes a Life Science Pitching Competition.

The aim of Y Science is to bring forth the value of life science-based business, and encourage scientists to embrace a different way of thinking about making an impact. The one-day event is held on 5 December next door to Slush at Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre. The event is free of charge but requires registration at:

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