Keeping pollinators healthy and saving the food production worldwide

The disappearance of pollinators represents a massive threat to global food security. The first-ever oral vaccination method strengthens the immune system of bees and prevents the rapid spread of diseases.

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PrimeBEE / Dalan Animal Health

Dalial Freitak
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Franziska Dickel

Innovative definition for infectious and autoimmune diseases

Rapid, reliable, and user-friendly point-of-care immunoassay that qualifies for infectious and autoimmune diseases and allergies – basically in any medical question that can be answered by antibody detection.

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Rapid FRET Serodiagnostics

Satu Hepojoki
+358 50 411 3543

Next generation e-tools for personalized disease prevention

An interactive web application that combines traditional health data with newly discovered genomic risk information to predict and prevent diseases.

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Elisabeth Widen                                    
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Johanna Aro
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Needle-free glucose monitoring for smart watches and activity bands

Scientific breakthrough that can help 400 million diabetics and 1.9 billion overweight people to live healthier. The proprietary technology can serve as a platform for multiple different self-test devices.

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 Jokke Mäki
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Alejandro García Pérez
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Novel, powerful approach to de-identify personal data

Facilitates sharing and analysing data in low or zero-trust environments. Ensuring that neither anonymity nor data quality is compromised. The solution has been tested in demanding cross-border biobank research projects.

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