Moprim sensing people on the move

Mobile technology is helping to develop intelligent services for urban people.

People are increasingly mobile, and this is interesting to many. With the help of new transport mode discovery technology developed at the University of Helsinki, we can already identify which vehicle people are using for moving around.

–The information is gathered with the Moprim technology that is part of the mobile application, and it can be used for planning traffic flows, among other things. All of us more or less carry a mobile phone so it is easy to identify people using different transport modes in a city.

So says Petri Martikainen, the chair of the board for the Moprim startup in Helsinki, a company established to further develop this innovation.

Movement-modelling algorithms sensing how we are driving around

Moprim develops movement-modelling algorithms that sense, not just the form of transportation, but its quality, i.e. how we are driving for example a car. The same data can then be used intelligently for urban traffic-planning, as well as monitoring individual carbon footprints.

The city of Lahti has seized on this environmental aspect of mobility and included Moprim in its EU-funded CitiCAP project.

There is growing need for services related to moving around.

The objective in Lahti is to cut back on traffic emissions, collect and analyse data on mobility, and develop new forms of traffic services.  – In Lahti, they want to encourage people to walk and cycle and use public transportation with the help of this new mobile app.

­– The mobility-related services in Lahti will make use of the Moprim technology. I believe that compact living, urban development, and a mobile lifestyle will add to the need for services related to different forms of movement. The inhabitants of intelligent cities will need smart services; services that are interesting to them, such as payment without a ticket, MaaS, or Mobility as a service, says Martikainen.

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Moprim will be at the University of Helsinki / Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS) stand at Slush in Helsinki at the end of November. HIS has been part of the product development of Moprim, and the technology is based on R&D carried out at the Department of Computer Science.

For more information, please contact:
Petri Martikainen, chair of the board at Moprim,, 050 5500 666

Petri Martikainen

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