Painless glucose monitoring and 12 other science innovations at Slush, Helsinki
The University of Helsinki is going to the start-up convention Slush Helsinki to show off innovations from various fields of top research. The most topical projects are GlucoModicum, Biodecon, Moprim and Nanojet. The University of Helsinki’s HiLIFE institute is bringing life sciences to the Slush Y Science event.

The University’s Slush section will feature a total of 13 innovations at different stages of the commercialisation process. At Slush, they will look for partners, entrepreneurs and investors.

GlucoModicum is working on a needle-free, painless way for diabetics to measure their blood sugar levels. Biodecon is an environmentally friendly substance that can be used to neutralise chemical and biological weapons as well as other dangerous chemicals. Moprim’s precise technology analyses acceleration data, generating new opportunities for using data collected by mobile devices in fields such as urban transport planning. Nanojet is developing hi-tech solutions for nanoscale bio-imaging.

Investors can take their pick from medical innovations to education export.

Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS) is a commercialisation expert, mediating between researchers and the business world to promote the use of academic innovations in society.

 “Companies based on top research or innovations just entering the commercialisation process are unique investment targets. Investors can take their pick from medical innovations to education export,” says CEO Jari Strandman from Helsinki Innovation Services.

Read about all of the University of Helsinki’s science innovations at Slush.

Slush Y Science brings life sciences to Slush

Slush Y Science is the University of Helsinki’s latest foray into Slush. It is an official Slush satellite event organised for the first time, bringing life science research, corporate cooperation and start-ups to the forefront in a new environment. The event is organised by the University of Helsinki and HiLIFE in cooperation with Slush. Registration is free but required.

Come see our innovations and meet the researchers behind them!
The University of Helsinki is located at section 6C.1.

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