GlucoModicum: Needle-free & painless glucose monitoring

During 3,5 years of extensive research, a multidisciplinary team of researchers have developed a novel, needle-free glucose monitoring solution that can be implemented into smart watches and activity bands.

Diabetes is a major global challenge. There are over 400 million type 1 and type 2 diabetics in the world today, and with overweight being a significant risk factor of type 2 diabetes, nearly two billion people are in the risk group.

Monitoring their glucose level is an everyday practice for diabetics. It is mostly done by a needle puncture on the tip of the finger. As this is cumbersome and painful, many people don’t monitor their glucose as often as they should – or they don’t do it at all.

There is a huge need for convenient needle-free solutions.

Proof-of-concept has been developed for the novel glucose monitoring solution by GlucoModicum. The solution has a very small form factor, hence it could be implemented into smart watches and activity bands or it is possible to create a small pocket-size glucose meter.

"This enables consumer solutions to large consumer masses," says Commercial Lead of GlucoModicum Jokke Mäki.

The solution, iFUS, has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of distinguished professors and experts on bioelectronics, advanced physics, analytical & bio chemistry, medicine, and microsensors and mobile technologies from top universities in Finland, the US and Russia.

The team has background and experience within University of Helsinki, Åbo Academi, Harvard and Stanford Universities, and Moscow State University.

Unique iFUS technology for convenient diabetes care

Multiple technology and pharmaceutical companies have looked into high performance needle-free glucose monitoring solutions, however, there are not yet any compelling products in the market.

"We are carefully monitoring the competitive landscape. At the moment, it seems that iFUS could be the first solid and elegant solution," Mäki says.

iFUS chart

Parallel with glucose measurement, iFUS could be used also for other needle-free health measurement scenarios. This offers very interesting additional future options for GlucoModicum.

GlucoModicum has received confirmation on patentability from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The iFUS solution was confirmed to be: "novel", "inventive" and "industrially applicable".

Next steps

GlucoModicum’s executive plan is:

  • Aim to start early phase clinical trials during 2018.
  • Prepare for two research & development and commercial strategies during 2018 – 2019:
    1. Create own device: needed team & know-how in place.
    2. License the technology to global technology or pharmaceutical companies: on-going customer engagement.

"We believe GlucoModicum is well positioned to create extremely scalable and profitable business, while bringing a solution to markets which will improve health and quality of life for millions of people," Mäki says.

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