Compass - Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability Pre-Incubator
Running from May 6th to June 15th, Compass, our Kumpula-based programme is an accessible environment for all who want to find a way to turn their Deep Tech, AI and Sustainability ideas into reality. The programme is produced by the University of Helsinki Innovation & Entrepreneurship Team in partnership with Helsinki Think Company and powered by Helsinki.

Applications are now closed!
About you

Do you have an idea that could change the world? Have you done research about a topic you can't wait to share and find applications for? Or do you fall in-between these two?  

Are you a University of Helsinki student, researcher, professor, staff member, or alumni? Or are you just a passionate Helsinki Region-based individual?

Have you got a winning team assembled and itching to take off on your journey? Or are you a passionate individual wanting to spread your entrepreneurial wings?

Are you ready to create something meaningful for sustainability using deep tech and AI?

Then come to us!

With support from the University of Helsinki Innovation & Entrepreneurship Team and hand-picked professionals, we’ll help you at every step of the way to create a valuable solution to the challenge you have set to puzzle out.

Applications are now closed, but we look forward to having you for our next pre-incubator round for Deep Tech, AI, and Sustainability in 2023!

About the Programme

Over the course of 2 months, you’ll turn your ideas and dreams into promising tech, AI, and sustainability-based (ad)ventures. 

With the support of the University of Helsinki & Helsinki Think Company, and advice from leading industry & innovation experts, you’ll gain valuable insights in idea validation, lean development, idea presentation, and more. In 8 weeks, you’ll turn your idea into an impactful entrepreneurial initiative in tech, AI, and sustainability.  

The program will include workshops, personal guidance, and coaching sessions with mentors. During the activities, you’ll become a part of the University of Helsinki’s entrepreneurial community with like-minded students, researchers, and professionals.  

At the final of the program, you’ll have the chance to pitch your solution to a panel of experts and explore possible next steps.  

About Us

So, who are we? We're the University of Helsinki Entrepreneurship & Innovation Team, and we're here to help you succeed.

Our promise to you, the applicant, is that we'll give our all to this programme. We'll find the best mentors and speakers to help you grow as a person and as a professional, and we guarantee that all of our workshops will be led and run by experts in their fields. We'll support you, but also challenge you - all in the name of helping you bring your idea to life. And any funding tools, incubator and accelerator programmes or important contacts  we know of that you might benefit from you can be sure we'll be letting you know about.

Learning is also important to us, which means we're committed to giving and receiving constructive feedback to and from everyone involved. Let's make sure that we all leave this programme better versions of ourselves.

Let's also make sure that we all enter feeling safe. We're a group that respects everyone as they are, and we operate around the core values of diversity, inclusion, and equality. We hope you'll join us in sharing these values, and help us become even better practitioners of them.

Mentors, Speakers & Workshop Leaders

How do we know you'll succeed? With a pool of speakers, mentors, and workshop leaders like ours, how could you not?

Eager to learn about new tools and ideas, or want to add depth to your knowledge bank? Our speakers are all experts in their respective fields, and are eager to impart their professional wisdom to you.

Want personalised advice and guidance? Our mentors will be happy to talk with you during our mentoring sessions to help your idea reach its full potential.

Worried that you might not get the most out of our workshops? We'll have seasoned facilitators leading each workshop to ensure that every moment spent with us is one you won't regret.

So, who are these people?

Programme Schedule

Applications for the programme are open until the 1st of May.

Once applications have closed, the University of Helsinki Entrepreneurship & Innovation Team will review applications and conduct interviews. Selected teams and individuals will be notified by the 4th of May.

The programme's official kick-off will take place on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of May at the Exactum building in Kumpula.

Sessions will be held twice a week for the following 6 weeks at the Kumpula campus primarily on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with some exceptions.

The programme's final will be held on Wednesday the 15th of June, and a Next Steps-workshop will be held in August.


Applications are now closed. We thank all of the applicants, and hope to see many more for our next Deep Tech, AI, and Sustainability pre-incubator round in 2023!

Contact Us

Sanna Kujala, Project Lead for Compass

+358 29 41 21203