Compass 3 On-Call Advisors

The 3rd edition of the Compass pre-incubator programme features a cast of on-call advisors participants can reach out to for 1-on-1 sparring.

Below, you'll find a list of all the experts, but do keep in mind that more advisors may be added later on.
Eran Ben-Shahar

Eran Ben-Shahar is a theoretical physicist with wide range of expertise and experience, mainly in the landscape surrounding the internet. He offers a creative and irregular way of thinking and leadership skills with passion and motivation to meet targets. Ben-Shahar is a very fast learner with a proven ability to adapt to various technologies and to new working environments. He's highly experienced with the web – and even though he has worked as a manager in most of his roles, he likes to keep his hands dirty, from building and maintaining servers to the development of apps and websites – he understands how to do it, so he knows what to ask from the developers! Additionally, he holds pride in the fact that his first browser was X-Mosaic, making him one of the first internet users and one of the first web developers ever.

Eran's Special Skills

As an on-call advisor for Compass 3, Eran has offered the following special skills he can be of help with:

1. Idea Validation

2. Pitching

3. Finding Connections

4. Networking

Tanja Törnroos

Tanja Törnroos is an entrepreneur and an expert CMO. With 10+ years in B2B marketing and business development within the SaaS and Industrial Automation sectors, Tanja has worked with scale-ups in Finland, Germany, and Sweden, bringing a wealth of experience for tech startups wanting to go international. Originally hailing from Austria, she worked and studied in Bangkok, where she met her husband in 2012. Since then, she has called Finland home. Tanja co-founded CMOwashere, where she spearheaded the innovative 'CMO as a Service' concept, providing tech startups with top-notch Chief Marketing Officer expertise on a flexible and affordable basis. During a stint as Chief Marketing Officer at an Industrial Automation scale-up firm, her strategies led to a remarkable 900% surge is sales-qualified lead acquisition, fuelling the company's international growth. Outside of work, you can catch her sailing the Finnish archipelago with her husband and their cat. 

Tanja's Special Skills

As an on-call advisor for Compass, Tanja has offered the following special skills she can be of help with:

1. Crafting a narrative around your idea

2. Knowledge of the B2B industry

3. Experience as a CMO