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For those mapping a new sustainable path with AI & technology, Compass, our Kumpula-based programme, is an accessible early-stage environment for all who want to find a way to turn their Deep Tech and AI ideas into an entrepreneurial reality. Compass will return for its fourth round in 2025!
About Compass

Do you have an idea that could make the world a more sustainable place, a problem you'd like to develop a deep tech or AI-enabled solution to, or research in the field you'd like to create applications for? Are you ready to set out and take the first step on your entrepreneurial journey and discover new possibilities?

Compass is a Kumpula-based early-stage pre-incubator programme for teams and individuals of passionate thinkers and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to create something meaningful in the realm of science and technology in an accessible and supportive professional environment.

With guidance and mentoring from the Helsinki Incubators team & hand-picked experts, we'll help you at every step of the way to work out a valuable solution to the challenge you've set out to tackle. Along the way, you'll also learn useful entrepreneurial skills you'll be able to utilise on this or any other professional journey you choose to pursue.

Over the programme's two month duration, our aim is to empower and embolden you, making sure that you get everything you need to either take whatever solution you create during the programme onwards to an incubator like NEXUS for further support, develop it into a business on your own, work on creating new solutions, or become a more attractive employee.

The programme is powered by the City of Helsinki.

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When I look back, the programme really gave me all the fundamental elements. There was a lot of good information for everyone! Even if you don’t want to continue with your idea, you’re going to learn a lot. Anyone who has an idea and wants to see if that idea makes sense, I recommend taking part!
Programme Schedule

Over the course of two months of engaging sessions, we'll help you first understand and define the problem you're working with, and then help you build a solution to it while teaching you key entrepreneurial skills with the help of guests and experts. Among other things, we'll cover creating a business model canvas, understanding your customer's needs, figuring out how to sell your solution, cover establishing a business in Finland, and more.

All of the workshops were very detailed and useful, and my fellow participants had very interesting projects, which were always interesting to discuss!

We look forward to beginning the journey for the 3rd edition our next Deep Tech, AI, and Sustainability pre-incubator!

For those considering applying to the next edition, Compass is an early-stage entrepreneurship programme for teams and individuals regardless of their affiliation with the University of Helsinki. All we require is that applicants have both a sustainability-related issue they'd like to develop a deep tech or AI-based solution for, and an interest in turning that solution into a business. For inspiration, we invite you to take a look at the participants from previous batches.

Do keep in mind before applying that in-person attendance will be mandatory, and repeated lacking in attendance will lead to a removal from the programme.

All applying teams will be interviewed, and selected teams will be informed prior to the programme starting.

Obtaining ECTS for participation in the Compass programme

For bachelor's or master's degree students:

Participating in the programme can be registered in Sisu under the course code PHD-312 for a total of 5 ECTS. Please request a certificate of attendance upon the completion of the incubator programme, and contact for the registration of the credits.

Students must then co-ordinate with their degree programme to include these credits into their degree. It is advised to check with the degree programme beforehand if the credits can be included into the degree, and under what section.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Services does not guarantee that credits can be included in all degrees.

For Doctoral Researchers:

Participating in a pre-incubator programme can be included in your transferable skills studies under the course code PHD-312 for a total of 5 ECTS. Please request a certificate of attendance upon completion of the pre-incubator programme, and contact for credits registration.

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