Biosphere - Bio & Circular Economy
For those working for global solutions, the Viikki-based Biosphere is an incubator programme to harness their bio- and circular economy solutions for the benefit of the globe. Come develop your business and join like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and change-makers.

Applications will be open from November 11th to January 15th, and the programme runs from January 26th to June 21st.
About Biosphere

Building an impact-driven start-up requires a combination of different skills and competences: Refining a technological solution with a possible Minimum Viable Product, coming up with a viable business model, and generating considerable impact in our modern society. These are all important parts of a formidable mission, where both expertise and the supporting community can provide encouragement, advice, and inspiration. Our commitment is to provide your team the best possible support, helping you to navigate through the challenging early phases, reduce risks, and increase the chances of avoiding the initial pitfalls of an entrepreneurial journey.

By taking part in Biosphere, you'll have an opportunity to develop the necessary know-how thanks to training and mentoring, become a member of a community of change-makers, and extend your network to include professionals committed to catalysing the green transition worldwide. You'll also receive assistance in positioning yourself in the value chain of the bio- and circular economy sectors.

At the end of the programme, you'll have obtained both enhanced expertise in business development and impact creation with aspects of environmental, financial, and social sustainability. You'll also become a part of the community of bio- and circular economy professionals and be able to widen your network. These will increase your in position in the value chain and pave your way to raise funding and monetary from the public and private sources and take your business onwards and upwards to accelerators and start-up hubs like Maria01.

Biosphere is proudly powered by the City of Helsinki.

Programme Schedule

Biosphere will take place from January 26th to June 21st, 2023. The programme will be held both in-person and in English, and be hosted by the institutes of the University of Helsinki's Viikki campus and other partner institutes.

In addition to the University of Helsinki's units, during the activities you will be introduced to the several partner institutions and key influencers working towards to a greener and more sustainable future. You will also learn about the possible funding mechanisms and instruments for your team and startup, and how to position your startup in the emerging value-chains.

A more in-depth programme schedule will be published closer to the programme's launch.


With applications open from November 14th, 2022, to January 15th, 2023, Biosphere will welcome applications from teams consisting of at least two members with an idea with impact potential in the bio- and circular economy sectors and drive to develop their idea into a sustainable growth company.

Teams need not be affiliated with the University of Helsinki to apply, meaning that applicants can be either University students, researchers, staff, or alumni, or simply be enthusiastic innovators from the broader Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Prior to applying, we ask you to remember that while the programme is free of charge, active weekly onsite participation is expected from each selected team.

Further details on application requirements and the selection process will be published at a later date.

Contact Us

Tuomas Pollari, Project Lead for Biosphere

+358 29 41 21205