Health & Pharma
Our Health & Pharma incubator journey differs slightly from others. Once teams have crystallised their idea, we encourage teams to first apply to the SPARK Finland programme before continuing on to the Health Incubator Helsinki programme for a fully fledged development journey.

More information about both can be followed below. The next call will be for SPARK Finland in November.
SPARK Finland - Turning good ideas to great solutions to benefit patients and society

SPARK Finland provides selected health tech & life science teams a necessary bridge between early-stage idea development and full-on business incubation. By working with an internationally acclaimed process model, SPARK Finland helps participants' ideas increase in maturity and become practical and value creating solutions in their field.

In addition to benefiting from SPARK Finland's European and global networks of experts and collaborators, you'll be offered world-class mentorship and education, solution development training, and all the business & finance understanding you'll need to successfully journey on towards creating a successful enterprise. Ranked a Top 25 European Biotech incubator, SPARK is the perfect programme for ambitious innovators to develop their careers and navigate the hazardous intermediary developmental period inherent to health teach & life science solutions.

The next call for SPARK Finland will open in November.

Health Incubator Helsinki - A unique long-term business development environment for research-based health sector startups

Health Incubator Helsinki provides up to three years of comprehensive business development services, modern office and coworking facilities in Terkko Health Hub, and broad networking opportunities to selected health-sector startups. The incubator programme is always customised based on the individual needs of each participating team to maximise their odds of success. Apart from a minor fee for the office space, the incubator services are free for the participants and no equity is taken.

In addition to the services outlined above, HIH's offering to participants includes connections to the right experts, investors, partners, and customers; advice on regulatory, intellectual property, fundraising, and commercial strategies; and regular review meetings and update calls to brainstorm challenges.

The call for applications to HIH is currently closed, with the next call scheduled for early 2023.

Contact us for more information, or to collaborate on the programme