Environmental education and science education

The goal of Luomus’s environmental education and science education is to increase people’s awareness of and interest in nature, as well as inspire them to take responsibility for the environment and a sustainable future. As part of the University of Helsinki, our operations are based on research knowledge, which we offer to people of different ages in an engaging and interactive manner.

At the public attractions of Luomus, our customers of every age get to experience the enchantment of nature close up. Environmental sensitivity lays the groundwork for the development of environmental responsibility. What you love, you also want to protect. In exhibitions and guided tours and at events, we encourage people to mitigate biodiversity loss and climate change in their lives and society. Our mission is to offer hope and tools for building a sustainable future.

University of Helsinki science education network

The science education network presents on a single website the academic outreach efforts of the faculties and independent institutes of the University of Helsinki.

LYKE network

The Finnish network of nature and environment schools supports environmental education. 

Luomus is a certified LYKE network centre.