Do you know the number of catalogued species in Finland? Explore the national checklist of Finnish species or learn to identify species with the help of Pinkka. You can also learn to identify invasive alien species.
National checklist of Finnish species

Get to know the species and their classification. You can browse the species checklist maintained by experts and familiarise yourself with species cards containing descriptions of and information on the species. A frozen version of the national checklist is published once a year.

Pinkka – learning environment for species identification

Pinkka is an online learning environment that supports species identification. The Finnish name Pinkka refers to bundled dry plant specimens, which have traditionally been used to learn to identify species. Pinkka currently offers a broad range of courses on various organism groups. The database is used to compile information packages or thematic modules tailored to the needs of varying user groups – virtual specimen bundles.

Red List online service

In Finland, the 2019 Red List of Finnish Species is the third assessment of threatened species complying with the guidelines of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Threatened species are assessed by a large group of experts. The Red List online service presents the results of the assessment and information on its conduct. Of the more than 22,000 species assessed, 11.9% were estimated to be threatened.

Invasive alien species

The national vieraslajit.fi website provides information on invasive alien species in Finland on a single website. The vieraslajit.fi website helps in identifying and preventing harmful invasive alien species, as well as in collecting observations for, for example, the monitoring and study of the species. The site also contains information on legislation and control plans related to the prevention of invasive alien species.