Contribute to citizen science

Stimulating interest in nature and the natural sciences is one of the primary goals of Luomus. Guiding people to hobbies associated with nature promotes the establishment of strong emotional bonds and the desire to seek out nature independently in the future. The transition from an external to internal motivation is key to lifelong learning!
Citizen science

Citizen science denotes scholarly research involving citizens, or members of the public. The public can contribute, for example, to the planning and implementation of research or the reporting of research results. The goal of citizen science is to provide the opportunity to contribute to scholarly research while increasing awareness of research and its significance in society.

In the natural sciences, citizen science plays a key role in various monitoring studies, such as winter bird counts and pollinator monitoring, as well as in the observation of invasive alien species.

Luomus coordinates several monitoring studies and maintains the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility, through which you can record your nature observations. For further information, visit the page on observations and monitoring.