Guided tours for groups

On this page, you can familiarise yourself with the guided tours of the Natural History Museum as well as Kaisaniemi and Kumpula Botanic Gardens. Here you can also find instructions for booking tours.

Guided tours are booked in the electronic booking calendar. The special needs of groups are recorded in the additional information field when making the booking.

In unclear situations, you can ask for advice by email at or by phone at +358 2941 28855 on Mondays from 14.00 to 15.00.

Fees for groups participating in guided tours

Educational institutions
The price of guided tours is €80 on weekdays and €120 on weekends. Entrance fees are included in tour fees. Applies to early childhood education, comprehensive school and upper secondary education groups

Other groups
The price of guided tours is €80 on weekdays and €120 on weekends. In addition, entrance fees according to the price list will be charged. Admission is free for group leaders.

Child groups, 3–17 years old (other than educational institutions)
The price of guided tours is €80 on weekdays and €120 on weekends. In addition, entrance fees 3 €/child will be charged. Admission is free for group leaders.

Cash, debit card, credit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard), five-euro Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, SmartumPay, Eazybreak mobile vouchers, the Epassi mobile app and the Museum Card are accepted as payment methods. 

You can also renew your Museum Card or buy one at the museum’s ticket desk.  

Groups can also be invoiced for their admission. The invoice must be completed on site. For invoicing, you must provide billing details, including a business ID if the invoice is addressed to a registered association or company. An invoicing surcharge of €8 will be charged.

Can you eat your own snacks at the Natural History Museum? 

There are open tables on the fourth floor landing of the Natural History Museum with room for roughly 20 people. The open tables cannot be booked in advance, and they are not available on free admission days. There are tables for eating snacks in the courtyard outside the museum.

Can guided tours be invoiced? 

Yes, they can. For invoicing, we need the customer’s billing details and business ID (in the absence of a business ID, the date of birth of the person paying the fee). You can obtain the invoice form from the ticket desk, where the completed and signed form will also be returned. Public schools can bring along an order form containing the corresponding information. They will be invoiced afterwards, including an invoicing surcharge of €8.

Which VAT rate applies to guided tours and entrance fees? 

Guided tours and entrance fees are subject to zero-rate value added tax, meaning that the fees include 0% VAT.

Who is the invoicing party for visits to and guided tours at the public attractions of Luomus? 

The invoicing party is the University of Helsinki, business ID 0313471-7. Invoicing takes place afterwards, as the invoice form is completed during the visit. Please remember to have your billing details ready!

Are confirmations sent for online booking? 

Yes. We will send an email confirmation for all guided tours booked online. However, the confirmation is not automated, but is sent only after we have had time to process the booking. As a rule, the confirmation will be sent no later than the weekday following the booking. NB! You should read through the booking confirmation, as it includes important instructions related to your museum visit. If you do not receive a booking confirmation within a few days, please contact the tour booking team.

Why can’t guided tours at the Natural History Museum be booked for school holidays (Christmas, winter and autumn breaks)? 

During the busiest periods at the museum, that is, school holidays, we are unable to organise guided tours because of large customer flows. From our experience, both following and leading guided tours at those times is extremely challenging. However, groups and individuals are welcome to visit the museum on their own in all seasons.

Do you organise birthday parties? 

We do not organise special birthday tours, nor do we offer or rent facilities, for example, for serving birthday fare. If you wish, you can book one of our regular guided tours and enjoy birthday treats at the open tables on the fourth floor. However, the open tables cannot be booked in advance.

Guided tours at the Natural History Museum
Guided tour in the greenhouses of Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

In the greenhouses, we will explore the ways in which plants adapt to various environments. For all ages (55 minutes)

Guided tour at Kumpula Botanic Garden

The guided tour of the outdoor garden in Kumpula takes us around the world, admiring the colourful splendour of cultivated plants. For all ages (55 minutes)