University education

Luomus experts provide university-level teaching and contribute to its development. The collections and datasets are utilised versatilely as learning materials, and Luomus staff give basic and specialist courses as well as supervise master’s and doctoral theses.
University of Helsinki

Many degree programmes at various faculties of the University of Helsinki utilise the collections and datasets of Luomus in their course teaching. For example, first-year students of biology familiarise themselves with the diversity of Finnish species in the basic-level course Animal and Plant Diversity (BIO-103). You can explore the plants, animals and fungi included in the course requirements on the Pinkka website. 

Other universities

Luomus supports biodiversity education provided by the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Oulu and the University of Turku. Many of the courses are in English and well suited to students from outside Finland. You can find examples of teaching offerings on the Pinkka and national Biodiversity Education Network websites.