Contact tietoturva [at] for general information security issues. When contacting our service address, make your message as clear and comprehensive as possible. Specific basic information enables us to serve you better and faster.

In urgent information security issues, contact tietoturva [at] or the staff directly.


Anne Hintzell
Information Security Manager
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pgp fingerprint:6E180F9BF174B6E5CFD57A423927CD350DE22E4C
Kenneth Kahri
IT Specialist
pgp KeyID: 0x454C3651C27DA093
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Tero Kärkkäinen
IT Specialist
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pgp Fingerprint: 34F1 ED0C F7A8 77D8 E65F A1A7 96F3 F4ED C729 2E1B
Simo Örri
IT Specialist
pgp Key-ID: 0XA4A185BE
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Reijo Hänninen
IT Specialist
pgp Key-ID: 0xD6F3F0AD
pgp Fingerprint: BC75 A330 DC27 907A B50D B737 F640 C849 D6F3 F0AD

Other service channels:

  • General IT consulting: helpdesk [at]
  • E-mail traffic interruptions: atk-posti [at]
  • Network traffic interruptions: atk-verkko [at]
  • Virus protection: helpdesk [at]


Service channels for parties outside the University of Helsinki:

Parties outside the University of Helsinki may contact the following addresses:

  • Information security issues: cert [at], encrypted
  • Complaints: abuse [at]