About the IT Center

The IT Center is an independent unit at the University of Helsinki, serving as a centralized hub for the majority of the University’s shared IT services. The unit is led by Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo. The unit has a staff of about 190 specialists working in different support and expert positions.
Chief Information Officer

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IT services are produced at the University of Helsinki in a centralised manner in the IT Center and in a decentralised manner in faculties and departments. The central administration has a separate IT administration unit operating as a part of the Rector's office and managing the strategic direction, monitoring, and information security of both services. The unit is run by Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo who also acts as the Sector Manager of the entire IT sector.

IT ad­min­is­tra­tion tasks

  • directing the sector, setting objectives, and monitoring the profitability and expenses of the operations
  • strategic planning, setting and publishing of IT standards and instructions
  • supporting the Rector and other top management in IT issues
  • developing the IT architecture of the university
  • managing centralised IT procurement agreements such as centralised software campus licence procurements
  • managing and directing the information security operations of the university
  • coordinating internal IT training and agreements
  • IT cooperation with other universities and the Ministry of Education

IT Services is in charge of both the centralised IT services and the IT services produced on the campuses. It is run by Director of IT Services Eija Heiskanen. The IT Managers are in charge of their respective services.

The services are divided into three categories:

  • Technology Services is responsible for administering and developing the IT infrastructure and the major platform services. These include data centers, data traffic, data management (databases and warehouses, system integrations and reporting systems), cooperation and communication services (such as the web, intranet, e-mail), user administration and workstation services. The unit is also responsible for the management and technical information security of the architecture, supporting, in particular, research and developing the IT services necessary for research.

  • IT Solutions primarily supports the units of the university. It is responsible for supporting and coordinating information system projects and purchases, for application development, system services, SAP system administration and technical development, video services, teaching support and the IT Center’s project portfolio. The unit is also responsible for communications and produces instructions on IT matters. Its duties also include customer relationship and service management and quality work.

  • Customer Support primarily serves the users. The unit operates the Helpdesk that provides user support and guidance, manages workstation purchases (hardware and software) and offers support on campuses.

The Board, directed by its Chair and partnered with the Chief Information Officer, develops the overall operations of the IT Center in accordance with the objectives of the operations, finances and strategy of the university and the target programme of the IT Center. The Board processes the target programme of the IT Center and the related HR plan and budget. In addition, the Chief Information Officer may ask the Board to settle other necessary and extensive matters.

The IT Center's Board April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2026:

Kai Nordlund,Vice Rector, Professor, Chairman

Sasu Tarkoma, Dean, Professor, Faculty of Science

Jaakko Kangasjärvi, Dean, Professor, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Marjaana Seppänen, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Marjo Berglund, CFO, University Services

Ritva Dammert, Director of Development, Director of sector, University Services

Kati Kettunen, Director, University Services

Leo Pyymäki, Head of Development, University Services

Pälvi Kaiponen, Director of Services, Helsinki University Library

Toni Jokinen, IT Specialist, Centre for Information Technology

Petteri Laine, Student

Christa Winqvist, Chief Information Officer, Aalto University

Jussi-Pekka Pispa, Development Manager, Tampere University

Presenting official CIO Ilkka Siissalo and secretary Jukka Lippu.

Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo

Director of IT Services Eija Heiskanen

Head of IT management Petteri Holopainen

IT manager Minna Harjuniemi

IT manager Jukka Hienola

Information Security Manager Kenneth Kahri

IT manager Petteri Hemmilä

IT manager Teo Kirkinen

IT manager Mika Kivilompolo

IT manager Mari Nurmi

Head of Faculty Administration Jukka Lippu

IT Specialist Yvonne Kivi (Secretary)