We offer extensive IT services for University students, researchers, teachers, and other staff. We also provide researchers with a set of services designed to support research, including data storing and information sharing services, as well as customized IT solutions. Our IT Helpdesk supports University staff and students in IT problems via chat, e-mail and phone.
IT key figures for 2021
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The IT Center offers most of the IT services University staff and students need in their daily lives, such as information systems, devices, research data management, and electronic exam rooms.

In addition to service administration and user support, the IT Center continuously develops better IT solutions to support university research, teaching and interaction with the University’s stakeholders and the rest of society.

We develop the services in cooperation with the users and other support services of the University to ensure the best user experience.

For a comprehensive list of our services, see the University IT Helpdesk instructions site.



Customer feedback helps us improve our services

We regularly ask our users to give us feedback on how we are doing. The feedback helps us develop our services to best fit the needs of university students, researchers and staff. In recent our recent feedback surveys, the share of satisfied respondents (scores 9–10 on a scale of 1–10) was 84%.

  • Expertise 84%
  • Service speed 77%
  • Friendliness 86%
  • Recommendation to others 84%

According to the IT service feedback survey, our services meet the needs of University staff and students with an average score of 5.7 (response scale 1–7).

Thank you for your friendly and quick help with the installation of the computer! It would have taken me a whole working day to do this.
IT Helpdesk is here to support you

Our IT Helpdesk Specialists support University staff and students in the University’s IT-related problems.

Support is also available outside service hours, as our IT Helpdesk instructions site and chatbot Harri Botter are at your disposal 24/7!